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Mujahedin Khalq; what are they really after?!

Mujahedin Khalq official websites have announced for a gathering in Paris on June 27.every year in June- on the anniversary of the beginning of the armed struggle of the group – the organization holds a Gathering Mujahedin Khalq; what are they really after?!along with some big names.

The same as every other rally the group has to hire attendees since group does not enjoy any support among Iranians.

Ghorban Ali Hussein Nejad, a defected member of MKO who currently lives in a charity center for refugees in France states that the MKO is vigorously recruiting attendees from refugee camps in exchange for money. Hussein Nejad says the group is recruiting African Arabs and Afghanis to participate in the so called “Huge gathering of Iranians” as acting extras.[1]

That is the MKO leaders must not only pay speakers to sing their praises at their rallies, but also the audience members.

The PR machine of Mojahedin Khalq as the only active part of the organization is hard at work during the year to hold demonstrations, rallies and events under different pretexts and in different places. It organizes trips for the so-called leader of the group Maryam Rajavi.

Scorned by many Iranians as a cult and for its long alliance with Saddam Hussein which causes the group’s having no base within Iran and among its own nation, MKO‘s efforts are all concerted to gain attention and support of the western powers.

In fact the Mujahedin Khalq’s decades long, intense and well-funded lobbying efforts to get itself delisted was a prerequisite in its struggle to show itself as a legitimate opposition group to Iran current government and as a democratic alternative .

Although the MKO’s opposition to the Iranian government earned its support and promotions and it got delisted through some deft lobbying, still it has never been considered as a viable alternative.

Indeed it is not new in the continuous policy of the United States or other European governments to embrace the terrorist and violent so called opposition groups to press the governments that do not follow their bids and get in their way.

Still as a group whose leadership has been living outside Iran for three decades, the PMOI has limited value to them, and its association with Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s dictator until the allied invasion of 2003, makes it an unpalatable ally.[2]

The Western governments have come to the consensus to negotiate with the current government of Iran and even If they think of an alternative, MKO is not the group they mull over.

The State Department’s report regards the Rajavis as “fundamentally undemocratic” and “not a viable alternative to the current government of Iran.”[3]

Eldar Memedov; the Political Advisor for the Social-Democratic Group in the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament in its recently published article writes:”The foreign policy decision-making bodies of the EU — the Council of the EU and the External Action Service (EEAS) — do not consider the MEK a serious alternative to the current government in Tehran, as it has virtually no support among the Iranian population. [4]

Mamedov asserts:”The dominant EU line now clearly favors diplomacy with Iran, which will, hopefully, lead to a final deal over Tehran’s controversial nuclear program.”[5]

Indeed the delisting was symbolic and brought nothing for the group but paved the way for the west to use it as a tool against Iran.

The MKO’s efforts in derailing diplomacy on the nuclear programme beared no fruit as diplomacy is working and Iran and the 6 world powers are negotiating on the final stages of the agreement. As a group which have been on the list of terrorist organizations and has been repeatedly condemned by the UN of violating the Rights of its own members, the MKO’ propaganda on the issue of Human Rights in Iran is also futile.

The group talks about democracy in Iran while their own members do not have any freedom and live in a deplorable condition.  The group’s leadership do not have any sympathy for the Iranian people or even its own members. They only care for keeping their own luxury life style,since they are now well aware that achieving power in Iran is an illusive dream.



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