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Open letter of the Faryadeh Azadi to Mr. Kobler

the United Nations’ special representative for Iraq and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) Open letter of the Faryadeh Azadi to Mr. Kobler

Mr. Kobler, your peaceful actions and devoid of any violence and the bloody skirmish between the Rajavi’s cult and the Iraqi government in relocating of the Rajavi’s cult captives to the liberty camp and to the free world , has provoked the Rajavis’ anger and wrath against you!

With greetings and respect to you and your colleagues in the United Nations and UNAMI,

First , we should mention that your efforts and struggles in peaceful relocation of 3400 man and woman ,who have been stranded and stuck in Rajavi’s cultic thoughts to the camp liberty and from there to the free world , is a humanitarian deed and very admirable and we as the separated members and the victims of this cult thank you for your endeavors and efforts to relocate our captive friends peacefully and without any bloodshed from Ashraf Garrison to Liberty camp . we know that the cult leadership who have always welcomed the bloodshed and the tension of their members with the Iraqi government , do not like and appreciate your peaceful roadmap and solution for the relocation of their 3400 members and instead of showing their gratitude to you and the United Nations for your endeavors , they have consecutively created spurious and baseless tensions , problems , excuses and obstructions in this peaceful relocation.

We are separated members of this dangerous religious cult who had been living with the cultic thoughts in this dangerous cult for decades so we are completely familiar and acquainted with the real character and the content of this cult.

It is worth knowing that the Rajavi’s cult has an important strategic slogan which its all policies are based upon this slogan:

¨¨ Anyone and any stream that is with me is my friend if not, is considered as my enemy ! ¨¨

This cult ,which its criteria vis a vis any person or any stream is evaluated and assessed by this slogan , tries its best to disfigure and ruin the prestige and the honor of its opponents and critics by attaching them to Iranian regime and the Iranian intelligence service as the mercenaries of the Iranian government to intimidate them and force them to silence . This is the policy which the cult leadership has utilized for decades against its opponents and the dissidents either in or out of the cult. The leaders of this cult have ruined the honor and prestige of their dissidents inside the cult in Ashraf garrison as well as in other garrisons by labeling them as mercenary …..etc, even if someone Inside this cult has a small perspective and point of view in contradiction and different from the cult leadership specifically with Massoud Rajavi’s perspectives, that person will be severely suppressed ,beaten up , tortured physically and psychologically and imprisoned . Right now , we have some separated members among us who have already experienced the Rajavi’s anger and his wrath by being tortured and beaten up and imprisoned just because of their different ideas and point of views with the Rajavis’ , and also they had been labeled as the members of the Iranian revolutionary guards! and the Iranian intelligence service agents ! and even some of them were transferred from the pmoi prisons to the notorious prison of Abu-Qoraib during the Saddam Hussein’s government. These people have mentioned to their experiences of the torture and the beating and the prison in different occasions and they have shared all those experiences with the prominent political figures and parliamentarians and politicians in European countries.

In this regard , we the separated members and the critics of this cult are ready to share with you our experiences and information to help you to become more familiar and acquainted with this dangerous cult and their tricks as well as helping our stranded friends in this cult to be free and rescued from the Ashraf.

Mr. Kobler , the cult leadership by keeping the 3400 man and woman in Iraq during these decades, have taken the gesture of an opposition group by destroying and annihilation of our life and youth and theirs towards the cultic and terrorist objectives. The leadership of this cult considers the shutting down of their main cultic stronghold , Ashraf, as a blow to its years of deceptions and demagoguery through taking advantage of the life of 3400 man and woman ,for this reason the leaders of this cult consider your efforts and your endeavors to relocate those stranded members to liberty camp as an action against their cultic interests and therefore they are trying their best to disfigure and ruin your prestige and honor and even by undermining you and your position to obstruct in the peaceful relocation process of the remaining members to the liberty camp.

Mr. Kobler , the Rajavi’s cult as a result of the years of cooperation and service with Iran’s and Iranian people’s enemy , Saddam Hussein ,specially during the 8 years war between Iraq and Iran, have become very unpopular and outcast among the Iranian people and they do not have any serious and earnest supporters among the Iranian people in and out of Iran ,so the leadership of this cult is trying its best to carry its fake and spurious title as an popular opposition by keeping those 3400 people in Iraq by all means to deceive the foreign politicians to support this cult specially to gain the support of the warmongering factions ,so keeping those 3400 people in Iraq for the leadership of this cult is an undeniable and vital element ,for this reason the leadership of this cult have obstructed so far in the relocation of its remaining members to camp liberty . we assure you that the leadership of this cult will resort to any action to obstruct in the peaceful relocation process because the political and cultic life of this organization depends on keeping those 3400 man and woman in Iraq.

Mr. Kobler , we would like to appreciate and thank you again for all your endeavors to relocate the remaining members to the liberty camp and from there to the free world peacefully. in this regard , we are ready to help you and the United Nations to ease the relocation process as much as possible through face to face meetings or by mail and fax .


Faryade Azadi, Paris

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