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Reflex of Rajavis nature and character

The anti-intelligence section’s website of terrorist cult of Rajavi, Iran Efshagar, states the substantial nature of the cult and is a symbol of its interior. Through a silly childish and nervous action in the website, one of the contradictory and seriously problematic members of MKO declared some nonsense against our dear friend Ms. Marjan Malek,[one of the founders of Nejat Society].

The terrorist – Writers of these nonesenses mixed their hysteric reaction with their accustomed lessons in the cult and imagined that they have terrorized the character of Ms. Malek.

Sirs, you fizzled out so awfully that any thing you have learned in Rajavi’s school has been denounced.

While the political struggle (in order to reveal and introduce the dimensions of this terror cult) you helped the defectors in the best way. Let’s denounce the nature and the ruling thought the best way. Let’s denounce the nature and the ruling thought of your cult with your own help.

Every body knows that your forgery section is able to issue the ownership document of the hell for Masud Rajavi right away! (Although the probability of his entrance to the hell is increasing everyday!) thus, you are not able to deceive anyone with this ridiculous method any more.

Did you forget that the same funny system of Rajavi introduced, Marjan Malek as the symbol of the martyrs in 1990?

It seems that you have tried to destroy Marjan so much that you are barking hopelessly now. (Mujahed Journal no.542)

Once more this such an article shows your insolvency, since you have nothing to say in political language and were obliged to use the nonsense Maryam and Masud taught you to silence our colleague Marjan Malek.

To chew the cud of terrorist literature and lompanism of the missing leader doesn’t bring you anything except scandal and the impartial reader of your nonsense (according to the investigations) made fun of your cult.

What a revolutionary and fighting group!? Who waists the struggle time to fabricate the dirtiest and most awful thoughts!? Maybe Masud has had some practical chasses for his special assisters to teach them how to invent evil thoughts. As a matter of fact, if Maryam and Masud were supposed to write their own report of "contradiction period" (sexual report called so, in the cult) what would happen? We did not let ourselves to reveal your dirty relations ruling the cult since we don’t know ourselves of the same kind as you. Otherwise, the proper members of the cult would probably stone Masud Rajavi. If you think that you can threat and limit the defectors and families, correspondence program to contact the captured members, we declare that the program will be continued more seriously and intensively.

Yes this dirty nonsense not only shows the real nature and characteristic of Masud and Maryam, and their trainings to the members of their cult but also denounces the current principal situation of these terrorists.

And if you think and you could assassinate her character in any case, you are completely mistaken.

Such people, in such situations, would get firmer and more severe on their promise: The promise of a free human to his captive brothers and sisters. Not those colorful engagements signed by blood and breath and by soliciting the members, under pressure.

Now the signatories are separating from you group  by group and trying to free the others. It’s really an enormous holly war.

We assure you that all the captured individuals in the cult will be freed and the criminal leaders of the cult should be tried in a just court as large as Iran population.

Arash Sametipour

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