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MKO leaders bar the visit of two sisters who have never met

Two sisters, 34 and 30, who have never met demand permission to visit one another

Mr. Ban Ki Moon

R: Zainab Hussein-Nezhad, 34, single, living in MEK Camp Liberty in Iraq – Baghdad
L: Mona Hussein-Nezhad, 30, married, living in Iran,

These two sisters know about one another but have not yet seen each other

UN General Secretary

With regards
I, Gorban-Ali Hussein-Nezhad, spent 30 years in the MEK (Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization) and managed to escape from Camp Liberty while moving from Ashraf Camp with the aid of UN human rights monitoring delegation, and gain my freedom.

I bear witness and wish to inform you and the international community that the MEK is by no means a freedom fighter and democracy seeking organization but a destructive mind control cult working against all internationally known humanitarian and democratic norms and values.

To give an example, the cult leader Massoud Rajavi, as a cultic practice to secure the existence of the cult and prevent it from elimination has banned all outside communications particularly family relations whether by phone or writing letters. In this organization contacting the outside world and especially family members is strictly forbidden. All means of gaining information such as papers, publications, television, radio, mobile, telephone, internet, post and etc. are banned and followers are only fed information through the cult’s own sources.

Through such limitations the cult has managed to keep more than 3000 individuals captive within their mental boundaries in a remote location in Iraq. Their families and the humanitarian organizations have accepted a great responsibility to rescue these individuals. Surely the UN has the biggest burden in this respect.

Dear Secretary General
The leader of the MEK had even prevented my elder daughter Zeynab Hussein-Nezhad (34) from talking to me while we were both inside the organization in Ashraf Camp. We were only allowed to visit once a year in the Iranian New Year (March 21) for about one or two hours where our conversation was totally controlled. This year this bas banned too and it is now more than one and a half years that I have not seen my daughter and have no news about her.

Recently I tried through the office of the UNHCR in Baghdad to visit her but I did not succeed. The UN officials brought her to their interview hall but the MKO leaders did not give the permission for the visit or even a telephone conversation and she was taken back to the camp. Following this, the cult forced my daughter to write a letter against me indicating that she has no desire to visit her father or talk to him.

Now my younger daughter Mona (30) who lives in Iran has come to Iraq to visit her older sister for the first time in their lives. I wish to ask you as the highest international authority, who strives to restore and maintain justice and human rights, to do all you can to ensure this visit to takes place. I also wish to ask the ICRC, the Iraqi Government, UNAMI, and the UNHCR to do their share to guarantee that these two sisters who are both in the same place now can visit each other and that the MEK leaders in Camp Liberty cannot place any obstacles in their way.
I thank you in advance.

Gorban-Ali Hussein-Nezhad – Baghdad

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