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Camp Liberty resembles a prison?

MKO’s well funded disinformation campaign is seeking support in minor European capitals. The group’s lobbying efforts in Britain, France, Belgium,… is nothing new and to some extent they Camp Liberty resembles a prison?have won the support of a number of unaware or narrow-minded authorities of Europe. The most important success was the removal of the MKO from the terrorist list of European Union following long term lobbying activities in 2009.

In her recent act of disinformation, Maryam Rajavi addressed Estonian Parliament calling for support for the so called resistance of the Iranian people (!) against Islamic Republic. She dares to represent herself as Iranians’ attorney, while she doesn’t comply with the most basic human rights within her own camps either in Iraq or France.
Rajavi claims that the conditions of Camp Liberty (Temporary Transit Location which was previously Saddam’s Palace and then was turned into a camp for American troops) resemble the conditions of a prison and it does not meet humanitarian and human rights standard. However, defectors of the group who recently fled TTL describe an entirely opposite condition of the camp.

Majid Mohammadi, former member of the MKO fled Camp Liberty earlier this year. In an interview with Nejat Society, he explains how they were disappointed after moving to the new camp,”When the idea of moving to Liberty was proposed, the majority of guys thought that they would finally go to another place in which they would no more be limited and controlled and they would be able to have access to the outside world…but, we didn’t know that the Rajavis intended to build another Ashraf in Liberty.”

Mohamamdi reveals that “Organizational control and cultic practices were exercised much more severe than those in Camp Ashraf.”

The former member of the cult of Rajavi notifies that the daily mind control meetings at TTL last for twelve hours a day.”

Regarding facilities and equipments at Camp Liberty Mr. Mohammadi says:
” Residents live in Conexes. Each Conex is resided by 7 people. It is worth to mention that, according to arrangement made by UNHCR’s supervisor, each Conex was supposed to be resided by two people but the cult leaders placed 7 people, instead. They wanted to prevent private meetings and to have more strict control over members.”
The rest of Conexes were allocated to offices of commandants and mind control meetings including Current Operation (a self-criticism daily meeting in which members have to confess their thoughts during the day) and Weekly Cleansing (held once a week in which members have to submit oral and written reports on their thoughts, dreams… during the whole week), based on Mr. Mohammadi’s evidences.

UN representative on Camp Ashraf affairs in Iraq, Martin Kober previously stated that Camp Liberty “meets acceptable humanitarian standards “as a Temporary Transit Location.
Besides, Ambassador Daniel Fried, Special representative of the State Department said,” the conditions at Camp Liberty is not nearly as bad as described by the MEK.”

In contrary to the reports on normal humanitarian standards in Camp Liberty, the MKO propaganda still runs petitions and lobbying campaigns to call on UN to recognize the camp as a Refugee Camp in Iraqi territory where the people and the government oppose the presence of foreign forces particularly Saddam Hussein’s mercenaries who have the blood of Iraqi Kurds and Shiits in their hands, the MKO.

Majid Mohammadi describes the equipments of TTL –once used by US soldiers – and how MKO members were barred from using them. The leaders of the cult confiscated any equipment that gives members the joy of a normal life. Here’s Mr. Mohammadi’s testimony:

“Based on the agreement signed by Iraqi government and the UN authorities, each Conex should be equipped with TV, air conditioner and telephone…until the two –supposedly two- residents are granted asylum and leave the camp. But, the leaders of the cult confiscated all telephones.

"The TVs had no antenna. We were just allowed to watch MKO channel in the eating place at specific times.”

The former member of the cult of Rajavi recalls that they even were not allowed to use the gym – highly equipped for American troops. They were told,” If we open the gym, members want to build their body and this is definitely for their desire to have wife and a normal life. So suggesting the idea of using the gym is kind of opportunistic act.”

He notifies that the commanders of the MKO did not permit members to use the exercise mats. “They have the smell of life, they shouldn’t be used,” they said!

It is obvious that the leaders of the MKO do not want a normal life for their members. They urge UN to recognize their Camp as a refugee Camp because in that case they can simply prolong their stay in Iraq and eventually maintain their Cult structure. To achieve such an objective, "Rajavi doesn’t hesitate to make a thousand people die,” Mohammadi said.

European parliamentarians should watch out. They should be benefactors to stop human rights abuses committed by MKO leaders against TTL residents.

By Mazda Parsi

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