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Maryam Rajavi not Welcome in Spain

Mr. Ahmadi, (alias) an Iranian national who lives for more than 15 years in Spain with his family, agreed to talk to Mojahedin Monitor; with condition of remaining anonymous. He wants to remain unknown because he believes that MEK is a dangerous group with terrorist activities.

Mojahedin Monitor: In late December 2012, Maryam Rajavi visited Spain. According to MEK website, she performed visits in the Parliament and has done an interview with El Pais. As the first question I would like to know that how was the reaction of Iranian community in Spain about her trip to Madrid?

Mr. Ahmadi: Maryam Rajavi was not welcomed here by the Iranian community. In Spain there are less Iranians than Germany or French but any way no one was there to support her or say welcome. We still consider them as buddies of Saddam and traitors to the mother land. No one has forgotten them killing Iranian soldiers and Kurds.

– Was there any arrangement of visit between Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian community in Spain?
No one here was willing to see her. Even if there was, I am sure that it has been unsuccessful. Someone close to the gang of MEK suggested us to see her and have a dinner with her, but everyone that I know refused…you know … they are notorious and we are not willing to support a bunch of Marxist Islamist.

– But they had a big propaganda that they gained a huge support in the Parliament and in the Media?

– Well any one can rent a room in the Parliament and have a speech there. With the large amounts that they spend I do not wonder that they easily rented a room in Parliament. Plus a notorious Spanish MP supports them. Mr. Vidal Quadras is long known as being in the pay list of MEK and he facilitates for this bandits.

Thank you very much Mr. Ahmadi

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