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On U.S. plan to transfer 3,000 MKO terrorists to Romania

It’s incredible when one looks behind the scenes of the facade of ‘diplomatic relations’ with the likes of John Kerry masquerading as a globetrotting statesman, mostly enacting damage control in response to the tangled spider’s web of CIA-steered terrorist organizations around the world. “As long as we control them, they’re our terrorists”On U.S. plan to transfer 3,000 MKO terrorists to Romania, or so the mantra goes.

The important concept for our readers to grasp in all of this is that more often than not, countries like the US, Israel, Britain and France, will employ third parties to carry out assassinations on their behalf. The main reasons for this are fairly obvious – to maintain ‘deniability’ should any individual plot be exposed causing an international incident.

Secondly, readers should understand that the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay has nothing to do with detaining terrorists who threaten America citizens. That was merely the public relations myth which Washington conveniently put forth in the aftermath of 9/11. The true function of Gitmo (and the reason why it has remained open for business for so long) and similar detention facilities worldwide, is to prepare suitably corrupt Islamic extremists and other militants to become double agents before they are sent back into the field. Any detainees who cannot fulfill this purpose for the CIA are either laid to waste in jail, or allowed to ‘expire’.

In 2012, former US Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton , formally removed the Iranian opposition group, PMOI-MEK from its blacklist of designated terror groups. Note that this move by Clinton in 2012 set the stage for this latest bombshell revealed below – where the US appear to be offering some sort of financial incentive to Romania in return for them allowing that Eastern European country to be used as a forward operating base to launch terror attacks globally.

But as you will learn, the story goes back much further than Clinton’s clandestine move to secure this private terror army. Go back to Iraq, and even before, to see the full scope of this US intelligence-controlled terrorist army.

Why maintain such a terrorist force in the region? Answer: to maintain the upper hand in all foreign affairs by controlling and steering the business interests of the worst criminals. Drug-running, human trafficking, smuggling and kidnapping are only some of the lucrative business used to generate black budget cash and grease the skids of corruption in the Middle East and Central Asia.

This latest revelation is also linked to the completely reckless, joint US-Israeli STUXNET/FLAME cyber attack against Iran and Russia’s civilian nuclear power facilities.

Hillary Clinton’s hands are extremely dirty in this regard.

Now the US are wanting to plant these criminal inside Europe. Watch this space…

U.S. to move 3000 MKO terrorists to Romania


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