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Joining hands with the deceitful MKO terror-cult would be a huge mistake

The adept propaganda apparatus of MKO mixes the huge sums of money with huge sums of deception in order to portray the organization the way the audiences want it to be.

Among human rights advocates it wears the mask of human rights defenders and shows itself as a prototype of a favored society. As the most colorful motto of the group, the leaders use slogans in support of gender equality and freedom of women while there are documented and concrete evidences of their modern slavery system against their own members, especially, females who are suffering the worst physical, mental and sexual abuses within the MKO Cult affairs. Batoul Soltani referring to the wide aspect of oppressions imposed on women says:” What I saw in this organization was that women were merely tools in every level I witnessed.”[1]

While they hinder the process of the members’ relocation from Iraq, the Cult leaders show the MKO as an unarmed group, captured in Iraq and are in need of protection as victims of the US invasion in Iraq.

To the pro-war, for-regime change faction they pose as the most organized, legitimate opposition group who are after a west’s friendly establishment. The group plays the role of spies, serves as assassins – as it assassinated the Iranian scientists. It tries to poison the atmosphere of Iran – west relations and bashes to impede the Iran – world powers nuclear negotiations.

The strategy of deception is deep-rooted in the background history of the MKO as a fraudulent cult. As a group which believed in anti-imperialism struggle the MKO fought against the Shah of Iran along with other revolutionary groups. Despite its persistent denial today, MKO fully supported the US embassy takeover of 1997. In fact, on the day that the American Embassy was stormed by militant Islamists, the MKO issued a proclamation with the following words: “After the Shah, it’s Americans turn”.[2]

The group then turned against the newly established government of Iran and started a series of bombings and mortar attacks against both officials as well as civilians. When they assassinated post-revolution government officials on June28, 1981 with a bomb, the MKO said it was “destroying America’s nest in Iran” and Massoud Rajavi announced “we have rendered the regime without future and destroyed their contact with Imperialism by bombing this building and killing the people in it”.[3]

Then it allied with the arch enemy of the Iranian people and fought alongside Saddam Hussein in the 8-year long Iran-Iraq war. In 1992, The MKO leadership denounced the coalition forces efforts in expelling Saddam’s army from Kuwait and called it “colonial schemes and conspiracies,” and once again reiterated the organization’s anti-Americanism by calling the U.S. an “imperialist” entity.[4 ]

However when the MKO lost Saddam as its ally, it took all its adversaries towards the “American Imperialism” for granted and made all its efforts to garner the attention of the US.

Thankful to its deep-pocket and huge lobbying efforts the MKO could get itself delisted from the FTO list of the United States. It also has the support of a list of high profiles –mostly former – and congressmen of the US who view the group as a useful tool in promoting their agenda to pull the US into another disastrous war in the Middle East, this time Iran.

However, the weird point is that these war advocates who are after regime change in Iran, standing up issues like human rights and nuclear program, promote the terrorist cult of Mujahedin Khalq which has killed many civilians in Iran as well as having at one time targeted Americans.

Hue Shelton a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs while accusing the Iranian government for deceptive behavior declares its opposition to Iran, 5+1 negotiations. [5]

Daniel Larison in his recent column in Conservative Magazine mentions this advocacy as a “disgraceful shilling” of prominent American former officials and politicians” and reiterates “doesn’t matter to the MEK’s American fans that it is lying about its political views, and they are obviously not worried about reciting those lies for Western audiences. Indeed, it has so completely hoodwinked them that they think it should be rewarded with American support.”[6].

Larison refers to the opportunistic substance of the MKO and describes the group as:” a bizarre authoritarian cult with Marxist and quasi-Islamist views, [that] now pretends to be exactly what Westerners want an Iranian exile group to be.” [7]

The MKO Terror Cult promoters should consider the fact that the least investment in the Mujahedin Khalq Organization and Joining hands with the group as a terrorist cult with no respect to human rights or democracy would be a historical mistake. 



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