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The Youngest defector of the MKO recounts his story

30 year-old Bayramali Mohammadi returned Iran from Albania.

Bayramali is from Karaj, Iran. He left his family in 2001 to find job in Europe. Initially, he went to Turkey where he was recruited by the agents of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO).

He recounts his adventures with the MKO for Nejat Society Alborz office,”In Turkey, I was working in a carwash when I got familiar with an Iranian named Behzad. He got to know about my intentions so he began promising me to solve my problems for immigration to Europe.”

The young Bayram is impressed by Behzad’s promises. ”He told me that to go to Europe I should go to Iraq first and from there I would be sent to Germany.”

Behzad’s daily visits with Bayram finally convince him to accept the Iraqi passport for flying to Baghdad.

“In Baghdad airport, a few people were waiting for me. They took me to Camp Ashraf”, he says. At Camp Ashraf the group commandants perform their brainwashing technics by showing him films of the group’s terror attacks against Iranian officials and civilians.

Bayram who is terrified by the MKO terrorist group, asks to leave the group’s cult-like bars but he is told that he should wait!

So, he waits as long as 14 years. ”Fourteen years of waiting, separation from family and society and having no access to the free world,” he says.

By the American invasion to Iraq, Bayram is shocked. He just wants to save his life. He wanders between the group’s camps near Iranian border. After the fall of Saddam Hussein, he is sent back to Camp Ashraf where he is kept as hostage under severe mental pressure, forced labor and manipulation sessions. He is forced to stay in Camp Ashraf for ten years and then in Camp Liberty for two years.

“During these long years, the cult leaders never allowed me to call or contact my family”, he tells Nejat NGO. ”Until I was relocated in Albania together with a group of my comrades.”

In Albania, he soon asks for defection. ”I did not let them control me anymore.” He states.

Under the supervision of the High Commissioner of the United Nations, he is permitted to travel all around Albania territory.” After 12 years of imprisonment and mental torture, I stepped in the free world, “he goes on his story. 

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