Open letter to Brian Medvi, Phil Glendenning, Meridis Bergman, David Martin Shoebridge and Laurie Donald Thomas Fereguson

Honorable Father Brian Medvi, Mr Phil Glendenning, Dr Meridis Bergman, Mr David Martin Shoebridge, Mr Laurie Donald Thomas Fereguson,

Greetings to you all.

My name is Mr Hassan Piransar and unfortunately I was a member of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran for 25 years.

I sacrificed everything which was precious in my life for my beliefs: I lost my parents, I lost my youth, I lost my future – right now I am 55 years old. I am lonely in this world without any future, without the love of my parents and the people who loved me. Yes, I am alone and betrayed in this world. I’ll tell you why.

I was informed by my friends in the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran that you have all been invited to their gathering on 9th of July this year. Do you want to know why I said I lost everything?

I lost everything because I trusted this organization. I was a lover of freedom and democracy for my country, Iran. But unfortunately I was deceived by this organization and its leadership and as a result I not only lost everything in my life but also I did not achieve my objectives which were freedom and democracy in Iran.

I want to tell you all this so that you do not make the same mistake which I made for 25 years. I urge you not to participate in their gathering. The organisers just want to take advantage of your name and your position in society. Believe me, after 25 years of wasting my time in their organization, now I am sure that they are not essentially any different from Daesh and in my opinion they are even more dangerous.

I just want to say that participating in their gathering is like affirming the beheading of innocent people by Daesh and other terrorist organizations.

Now you know my name and my Email. I am ready to give you more information about this notorious and dangerous cult if you are interested in finding out more.

Please do not participate in their gathering. Your participation only confirms their ability to destroy the lives of people like me who trusted them.

Please do not participate. Ask them instead about me and about others who lost everything in their lives because they were betrayed by them.

I wish you the best in your life and in your work.

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