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Ex MKO High-ranking member pens letter to David Jones MP

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

Tel: 020 7219 8070

Rt Hon David Jones MP

Dear Sir,

It is unfortunate to witness your recent meeting with Maryam Rajavi in Auvers sur Oise north of Paris.

I am sure that your intention is to support the cause of the Iranian People. But in Auvers sur Oise you have knocked on the wrong door and even worsen the pains of Iranians that have in the last 3-4 decades suffered from Mek’s terrorism and extremism.

I am Davood B. Arshad UK educated, ex high ranking member of the Mek and also National Council of Resistance for nearly 30 years.

Dear Mr. Jones,

One cannot question the intentions of anybody. But in either case, weather it is financial and personal benefits or political interests, it does not seem to be befitting to play with the lives of the people such as me and my colleagues entangled in Mek that have left best lives that one could imagine and joined the Mujahidin with the outlook of democracy, but later found out that they themselves are the victims of dictatorship and terrorism enforced by Masoud and Maryam Rajavi in a Cult.

The people in the Liberty Camp of Iraq are the gun powder for Maryam and Masoud Rajavi’s political battles in the West to deceive the western democracy and pretend to be liberal and democratic. The more this gun powder burns, the more sound it makes and attracts media coverage and support from within the politicians for the couple.

How could one shake hands in the 21th Century with people that claim to be the Calipha and to be sent by the God and represents the God on the Earth and also practices being the owner of the blood, breath, life and all belongings of the mankind?

It is in this context that Maryam Rajavi arranges Harem full of women members for his “Calipha” Masoud Rajavi. If in doubt please ask Maryam Rajavi to officially deny it. Since she may deceivingly do that verbally and in private, where if done officially all the Mojahedin will know that Masoud Rajavi’s “Calipha” sleeping with them or their wives is a criminal act and does not bring eternal freedom as Maryam Rajavi puts it to deceive the women in order to sleep with Masoud Rajavi.

Members who have been under harshest situations beyond imaginations either in hiding or in the prisons in Iran and later in Iraq, have been under unbelievable mental and psychological mind manipulations to keep silence otherwise been jailed, beaten, tortured and even killed to obey such medieval dictatorial Caliphate rule that takes his or her orders as the word of God.

Dear sir I and all the people who have succeeded in escaping Mek even women who have experienced Masoud Rajavi’s Harem are prepared to report to you in person.

Dear MP,

How could one shake hands with or support people that in an agreement with one of the most notorious contemporary dictators (Saddam Hussein) to suppress his or her own members?

Did you know that the price of leaving Mek, was at least 2-4 years jail inside the Cult, then being handed over to Saddam Hussain to be jailed at least for 8 years?

Did you know that the sentence for the women member to escape is only death? This is the sentence set by Maryam Rajavi Sir.

Did you know that women were systematically abused sexually so they would think of Rajavi as their husband to stop them from leaving the organization?

Members who used to escape were hunted and if were not lucky enough, arrested, beaten, jailed, interrogated under torture and force obtained written confesses that they are anti-revolutionary and agents of Iran or Foreign Service?

How could an organization set promotion of the member’s rank and file if only they were prepared to cut the dissident members to pieces? Masoud Rajavi has clearly and loudly and for times and again said that we will hunt and kill any defector even in Europe.

To avoid wasting your valuable time, thousands more facts are kept in my heart and mind, but does the one in thousand said above not recall the Stalin in Russia, Pol Pot in Cambodian, or the medieval systems in Europe and ISIS and Al Qaeda?

Did you know that Mek is the God father of Terrorism in the Middle East? Mek utilized 13 years old girls as suicide bomber since 1981 in Iran.

Mek’s Iraqi Fighters

Did you know that this organization has trained 2000 Iraqis for terrorist purposes?

Mek took advantage of a decade long total embargo of Iraq which had left Iraq in a complete ruins, families and tribes were in desperate needs for almost everything especially for the employment of their young people. In this context, 2000 Iraqi young people from the villagers in Dialy Province which the Ashraf Camp was situated in and also from elsewhere recommended by these families in Dialy were recruited and were paid and full boarded in Ashraf Camp.

PMOI recruitment was done under the false name to labor work for PMOI which was translated into working in Camp Ashraf in different support and logistics fields. The recruited people were under aged where in most cases the salary was paid to their parents.

Your Honor,

I don’t think for any political, economic, or personal reasons or interests it is appropriate to support such a Cult, by closing your eyes to the thousands of facts and only listen to deceiving words of Maryam Rajavi front office for the Calipha (Masoud Rajavi).

Yours Sincerely,

Davood B Arshad

July 1, 2016

Copy: Rt Hon John Bercow Speaker of the House

Davood B. Arshad, No to terrorism and cults,

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