Albanian Government gives 1.8 million Leks to buy smartphones and laptops for mujahideen

The arrival of the mujahidin, or asylum seekers in Albania found the reception center in Babrru, Tirana, “unprepared”.

The Interior Ministry opened a tender for the purpose of buying smartphones and laptops for this center, and it is not known why these devices.

According to the documents available to the Albanian newspaper Shqip, the National Reception Centre for asylum seekers has opened the tender tittlet “Purchase of equipments and office products.”

The limit fund is 1.84 million leks and the duration of the contract or time limit for completion is 10 days from the date of the signing of the contract.

In the anticipation of the status of asylum procedures, the mujahideen will stay for several months in the camp and then accommodated in flats on the outskirts of Tirana, set by the Albanian Government and organizations for their protection.

Based on the agreement with the US, in the coming weeks is expected to arrive in Albania hundreds of other mujahideen. They are already in the process of integration in our society


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