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How much does it cost to keep Iran’s enemies in Albania?

The Albanian page of Pars Today Website published a report by an Albanian periodical Parrena on the recent relocation of the Mujahedin-e Khalq members in Tirana, Albania. The report is titled “the result of receiving Mujahedin, Albania on the verge of war.”

Parrena criticizes the Albanian government for accepting the MKO in its territory. Like the Zionists who settled in the Palestinian territory in the last century, 3000 members of the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq were relocated in Albania, according to Parrena.

The following, extracted of the report, was translated to Persian by Pars Today:

“The problem is absolutely not the MKO as a group of people with different race, religion or ethnic traits. The basic problem is that the MKO is the enemy of the Islamic Republic government. They are not only ideological its enemies but also active fighters who are officially denounced by the Iranian government as its enemy.

Having accepted the MKO in Albania, the war battle between Iran and Europe is situated in Albania. The group will soon launch its propaganda and its activities inside the Albanian borders while it is protected by the Albanian government.

Does Albania need such a danger?

Of-course, everything has its own price. To accomplish the deal, the US Secretary of State John Kerry came to Albania. But it should be asked how much it costs Albania to locate the enemies of Iran in the heart of Albania? Such a deal would be justified only if it is done for the national interests of the Albanians just like the “Kosovo-Albania Unification”.

 However, during the past month, no changes were seen in the Albanian cities, except the mobile stores haunted by large numbers of MKO members who seek to be equipped by the newest mobile or tablets.

Albanian public opinion is not able to realize what it means to bring war to your home. This is the dream of every Albanian politician: “Good relations with the United States. Nothing else matters.” […]

For the time being, the US is seeking to normalize the relations with Iran and the European Union is taking serious actions to improve the relations with Iran. But, we, “the hometown of the MKO”, what did we do and what did we obtain?

The MKO will continue the war it started decades ago now, in the “promised land”, in the Palestine it has found in the heart of Balkan.  

Well, what will happen next? What will the media do? Do the media suffer the sever lack of information on the issue? No, it is impossible. With a slight google search, you can find out everything about the MKO and the threat they pose. Nevertheless, the media sound to have sold themselves with a very low price too.”

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