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Absurd Propaganda of the MKO and its Supporters on Syria

The endless propaganda of the Mujahedin Khalq (the MKO/ MEK/the Cult of Rajavi) seems to be running out of new ideas for its disinformation champagne against the Iranian government. The new so-called revelations published by the MKO and then echoed by the Washington Times on what they call “Iranian crimes and atrocities” in Syria, clearly indicates that the group is making too much effort to show itself off as a reliable source of intelligence on Iran. However, its recent propaganda was almost completely ignored by the mainstream media –except its two main paid western tribunes, the Washington Times and Fox News. [1]

Today, even the Western propaganda about Aleppo is denounced.  Peter Ford was the UK’s Ambassador to Syria from 2003 to 2006.In an interview with Radio BBC he challenges the West-run misinformation about conflicts in Syria. He criticizes the West for its wrong policy — to “have clung for too long to the illusion that the so-called ‘moderate opposition’ would overcome Assad”.  [2]

“Surely now, with the Government’s recovery of Aleppo, the veils should fall from our eyes and we should look reality in the face: Assad is not going to be removed by force of arms or at the negotiating table,” Peter Ford tells BBC. This is what frightens the MKO. While this British politician suggests that the West should stop supporting a failed and divided opposition and moreover the newly elected president of the Unites States Donald Trump is seeking a normalized relation with Russia and fighting against ISIS in Syria, the MKO agenda to demonize Tehran’s role in Syria is an already failed tactic. [3]

The MKO’s hasty propaganda shows its severe concerns about a normalized Iran-West relation. Massoud Khodabandeh, former MKO member and Director at Middle East Strategy Consultants write in the Huffington Post, “The MEK pretends it has some kind of insider knowledge which it can apparently tap into whenever it needs to make a point. Iran, however, has made no secret of its involvement in the Syrian conflict. Newspapers and state-run media probably tell us in much greater detail than the Washington Times report about the deployment of fighters and how they are funded. The dead from this conflict are mourned very publicly inside Iran. It is disingenuous of the MEK to merely recycle this information as a ‘revelation’.” [4]

Khodabandeh accurately labels the US journalists and officials who are deceived by the MKO propaganda as “gullible” but it should be noted that sometimes the biased media just seek to falsify facts in line with the agenda of certain politicians. “We’ve seen not what some allege to be a meltdown of humanity but a meltdown of sanity,” says Ford about the allegations of the West. “Where are, where’s any evidence of the alleged atrocities, of the Guernica, of the massacres, the genocide, the holocaust?” [5]

And about the fabrications made by the Cult of Rajavi on the Iranian government, Khodabandeh asserts, “the MEK is notorious for its role as a misinformation and propaganda outlet.” He denounces the MKO writing, “Variously over the years, the MEK has been exposed for false reporting and intelligence in issues such as the P5+1 nuclear negotiations with Iran. After passing one piece of genuine intelligence in 2002 which it was given by Mossad, the MEK continued to pass fake information to the IAEA so as to disrupt the negotiation process, and to enable the US to impose severe sanctions against Iran.” [6]

Although, the MKO tries “to muddy the waters of truth” and the West “flies in the face of reality” on the issue of Syria, the truth is concretely clear and verifiable.

By Mazda Parsi 


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