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International Workers’ Day and MeK’s propaganda efforts

In the first place, I have to mention that there is a principle dominating the MeK that none of the members must never be seen idle and they have to work from dawn to dusk. The principle is being applied the MeK from top to bottom. Of course the principle becomes more and more severe in the rank and files. Maryam Rajavi used to say that the members should be engaged either in the war or training. Thus when there is no war and the trainings become repetitive, they will be engaged in forced labor. Rajavi held the belief that the members should be forced to work overtime so that they become so tired that they fall asleep as soon as their heads touch their pillows.

The purpose was to keep them working, no matter what kind of job they were doing or in which part of the organization they were involved. It had two advantages at the time: 1. The members do not notice the passage of time. 2. They will not be distracted by other issues, particularly sexual feelings, which was regarded as a “red line” in the organization.

So all the occasions, either the self-described events such as the June 20th and historic flight or the national and international ones such as International Women’s Day or May Day holds a special place in the MeK and plays the best role in solving organizational problems and entertaining the members.

I’ve wrote all these to show the importance of the MeK’s propaganda efforts in each and every events.

Now the MeK has May Day 2016 ahead to entertain its political and organizational members until the next event.

The MeK released its first statement on the occasion of the International Workers’ Day on April 7, 2016. Referring to the “heavy burden of economic recession and crises” in Iran and a bunch of workers’ economic problems, the statement call on the Iranian workers to “rise up to support this great right of people with 1000 Ashraf and Liberation Army.”http://wwwbahayazadi.blogspot.com/2016/04/blog-post_79.html

Given the many years of experience and a good understanding of the MeK, I should say that their propaganda is merely an internal matter and has no effect on the Iranian people. In other words, the propaganda starts and ends with the MeK. This is the MeK’s strategy, sending out statements, telling lies about widespread protests of the workers and their support for the MeK’s statements. The next step is showing the supports on their outlets and their coverage should be as big as the statement lest the MeK’s reputation is further smeared.

However, there has always been a great contradiction in the MeK’s propaganda in these events. The final product is never in accordance with what the MeK blows in its own horn.

Even if we assume the most optimistic scenario according to the MeK’s official website (below) that protests have erupted in Iran by workers under the influence of MeK’s propaganda in less than 6 days, then we should expect hundreds of Iranian workers protesting across the Iranian streets in support of the MeK.

April 12, 2016: Two workers in Tehran, Mazandaran filed lawsuit to the ILO against Iran regime

April 11, 2016: Statement of students from Islamic Azad University on the occasion of International Workers’ Day

April 10, 2016: Call on the workers and students for International Workers’ Day in Tehran, Pakdasht and Kermanshah

April 10, 2016: International Workers’ Day, Supporting statements in Tehran, Boroujerd and Khoramdarreh

April 7, 2016: Statement of the Workers, Students in Tehran, Boroujerd and Kermanshah on the Occasion of International Workers’ Day

April 6, 2016: Miners at Qom Manganese Mine Call for Protest the Occasion of the International Workers’ Day

April 6, 2016: Workers of the Qouchan Tous Porcelain Call for Protest against Iran regime on the Occasion International Workers’ Day

April 3, 2016: Statement of Scores of Workers at Appliance Manufacturing Factories in West Tehran on the Occasion of International Workers’ Day

April 3, 2016: Statement of a group of Workers of Southern Tehran Companies on the Occasion of International Workers’ Day

March 30, 2016: Statement of a group of Employees and Retired Workers of Azmayesh Manufacturing Co. on the Occasion of International Workers’ Day

March 30, 2016: A Group of Retired Workers of Manufacturing Factories in Tehran Calls for Massive Protests on April 30, 2016

March 29, 2016: Workers of Bella and Melli Shoe Co. Call for Mass Protests on the International Workers’ Day

By Seyed Hojjat Seyed-Ismaeili , Former member of MeK leadership council,

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