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Albania is virtually in a state of war with Iran and this is a very serious thing

Four US senators came to Tirana this afternoon and met with Maryam Rajavi in ​​her self-styled capacity as the exiled President of Iran and leader of the political-military movement for overthrowing the regime in Iran called the Iranian People’s Mojahedin (MEK) organization. They talked with her as though she were the exiled head of the Iranian state and so she spoke to them. The senators were honored by Rajavi’s presidential guard of honor at her headquarters in Kashar, near the city of Tirana.

It is not the first time that this has happened. In April, Senator McCain has done the same thing. These visits by American senators to Kashar are sponsored by Saudi Arabia, which finances the MEK’s activity, due to its rivalry with Iran in the Persian Gulf.

The US Senators’ visit to Albania took place after the recent tensions in US-Iran relations due to the sanctions that the American Congress imposed on Iran, repudiating the Obama administration’s agreement with the country. Iran’s response was something that should bother Albania too and should have made President Meta hastily summon the National Security Council meeting, making Prime Minister Rama cut short his break.

Iran’s Parliament, at the request of the President, decided to officially order Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to undertake anti-terrorist operations against subversive forces operating abroad for the overthrow of the regime in Iran, under the sponsorship of enemies of the Islamic Republic. The decision primarily targets the Iranian embryo-led government led by Madam Rajavi, and the military arm of this so-called government, the MEK.

This means that Albania, which harbors them, is now officially the target for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard operations – one of the most specialized and dangerous forces in the world for covert activity.

The very way in which the decision was made by the highest state authorities in Iran presents an ultimatum for Albania in particular to remove the MEK’s political-military organization and the Iranian government in exile from its territory.

When a country provides refuge to members of a subversive organization, such as the MEK, it is for them to formally vow that they will cease their political-military activity in the territory of the host country against their state.

As a minimum this should have been enforced by the Albanian government when it agreed last year to accommodate all the members of the MEK (about 5000 people) in its territory. Unlike what the US agreement was in 2012, which was that our country would host a number of Mojahedin members according to the quota that would be in accord with their proportional division among NATO countries. This was a lie by State Department bureaucrats paid by the Saudi lobby, who had made plans to host all the Iranian Mojahedin in Albania together with the government in exile of their leader, Ms Rajavi.

The Iranian Mojahedin have not only not made formal commitments that they will cease their political-military activity while residing in Albania, but the Albanian government, in a secret agreement with their leader Rajavi, has undertaken to allow them to use Albania as a base for continuing their political-military activity against the government of Iran.

It is a fact that the agreement with which the Albanian government has accepted its obligations to give the Iranian Mojahedin refuge and what these obligations it has undertaken are have not been made public. But from the activity undertaken by Mrs. Rajavi in ​​Albania it is understood what this agreement contains. Since March of this year, Maryam Rajavi, self-proclaimed Iranian President-in-Exile, who is at the same time leader of a political-military organization called the Iranian People’s Mojahedin, is using Albania as the center of her political activity. Until March, Mrs Rajavi conducted her business in France where she has asylum. But France has already stopped her political activity against Iran in its territory.

There is a rule known in international affairs. When a state hosts a political-military organization in its territory that acts for the forcible overthrow of the government in another state, this second state has the right to react by committing violent attacks on the territory of the first state. Albania is in this position in relation to Iran. Albania and Iran have diplomatic relations and in the basic documents describing bilateral relations the two countries have agreed not to harm each other. Iran has adhered to this pledge. Albania has not.

It is foolish to take this situation lightly, thinking that Iran will not dare to launch attacks on Albania because it is frightened of US punishment or because it is a member of NATO. First of all, no American President will undertake punitive military against Iran because the country has undertaken covert terrorist actions in Albania. Iran will not officially assert these rights, but even if its authorship is implied, the original fault will remain with Albania, which has acted in opposition to international law regarding the housing of political immigrants.

At this time, when there is ever greater danger of an outbreak of war between the US and North Korea, a new front against Iran cannot be opened. And Iran will take advantage of this situation to act freely against the country that harbors its main internal enemies. It would suffice for Iran to launch 50 fanatical suicide bombers to turn Albania into a chaotic bloody land. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard can mobilize entire divisions with fanatical suicide bombers. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has its own practice of preparing commandos that speak the language and understand the behavior of countries posing a threat to Iran for possible punitive actions against them.

So, for several years, Iran has been intensively preparing for suicide operations using commandos who know the Albanian language as well as the culture of our country. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has very good historical links with Balkan and Russian secret services. It is not difficult for Iran to bring its operatives to Albania. Albania is effectively in a state of war with Iran and this is something that should be taken very seriously. Above all because the Albanian government has violated the laws in force in Albania by allowing an organization that declares the violent overthrow of Tehran’s regime to make a base in our country. This in turn legitimizes Iran to act against our country.

By Kastriot Myftaraj, Gazeta Impakt,

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