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Meeting with an official in the Albanian UNHCR (RAMSA)

In a meeting between the UNHCR in Tirana – Refugee and Migrant Services in Albania – and Sahar Family Foundation, an official spoke about the situation of the families of members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK aka Rajavi cult) and the former members of the group. He told Sahar that there are currently around 230 MEK members who wish to separate from the organization in Tirana. Some of them are kept in a location in the Port of Dorsa in Albania by the MEK.

These individuals, despite Maryam Rajavi’s threats and promises, refuse to stay with the cult under any circumstances and are determined to gain their freedom no matter what the cost. Maryam Rajavi has threatened that they will not get any allowances once they leave. Clearly the cult wishes to keep them from having any contact, even visual contact, with the current members because it is feared their presence in Tirana living outside the organization would negatively affect the remaining members, leading to more disaffection.

In the meeting, Sahar explained to the official that there are currently some 240 individuals living outside the group for whom the MEK had previously made an agreement with the UNHCR to distribute their allowances. However, some time ago the cult started to cut this allowance for some individuals using various excuses. Now the MEK has told all these individuals that it will no longer pay anything to anyone anymore. This move has provoked strong objections and complaints among the former members. It has also flagged up serious concerns in the government and among the citizens of Tirana who are sensitive to the bizarre behaviour of this group.

The official explained that RAMSA will hold an urgent meeting this month to deal with the situation of the former members and said he was hopeful that positive decisions would be made to support those who had left the MEK in Tirana. The MEK had already informed RAMSA that they will not pay anything to those who have left the organization.

The other matter discussed, which they seemingly knew about, was that some current members of the group, although they have signed loyalty agreements to stay with the MEK, have insisted that they will leave the group if there is any talk about moving to another isolated location similar to Ashraf Garrison in Iraq. The official confessed that the MEK is experiencing a dreadful situation in Tirana and that conditions are getting worse day by day and are becoming unbearable for the members.

Accepting the risk of not being able to return to Paris, Maryam Rajavi made her second trip to Albania to sort out the catastrophic situation of the group and ease the internal tensions and persuade people to move to the remote base.

Everyone who is even slightly familiar with the situation of the Rajavi cult in Albania agrees that the MEK is very rapidly falling apart. Many have witnessed that during the past year more deleterious developments have occurred inside the group than in all those years in Iraq, and many believe that this is due to the efforts made by the families and the former members.

Reports indicate that the recent meeting between Maryam Rajavi and the American senators in Tirana took place because of the recent unexpected deterioration of the organization’s situation in Albania. And that it was also due to pressure from the Albanian government which has complained that the promises made by America previously had not been fulfilled. It is reported that the Senators’ meeting was a kind of impeachment of Maryam Rajavi for not controlling the members and for allowing concerns to be raised throughout Albania.

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