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MKO Frightened by Maliki’s Visit to Iran

Remnants of Rajavi’s gang, frightened by the trip of Iraqi PM Mr. Nuri al-Maliki to Iran, released a statement and quoted what the US commanders had said, in order to boost the morale of their desperate members in Camp Ashraf who commit suicide to get rid of the current situation.

Remnants of Rajavi’s group, citing Resalaet newspaper, claimed that Mr. Maliki’s visit to Iran was limited only to the issue of MKO; by this, the MKO wants to buy credibility for itself.

The article of Resalat newspaper titled "The Obstacle of MKO", on Sept. 14, 2006, said:

"There are two obstacles in the way of development and expansion of relations: remnants of Baath party and secular pro-Baath groups with inclination towards the US, the presence of MKO in Iraq. Of these two obstacles, presence of MKO in Iraq is the main one because the MKO, with its terrorist nature and its policy of overthrowing the Islamic Republic of Iran, is more dangerous than the first one."

MKO’s misuse of these words in order for claiming of being credible (to get a place with the masters) shows how poor and desperate this group is.

It’s amazing that the author of the article (in Resalat newspaper) has continued as follows:

"Besides conducting international propaganda against Iran, these people are considered as the only oppositions who resort to terrorist and blind acts in Iran to prove their identities."

Irandidban – 2006/09/17

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