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Two hostages escaped the MKO base in Albania

MKO defectors in Albania

Two members of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/MEK /PMOI / the Cult of Rajavi) left the group’s base in Albania.

According to Sahar Family Foundation, the two recently-defected people could manage to escape from the MKO’s new base called Ashraf 3 in the outskirt of Tirana and introduced themselves to the office of the UN High Commissioners of Refugees.

The newly-established camp of the MKO is located in Durres region, 31 kilometers West of Tirana where members are more isolated than they were in Tirana.

SFF reported that following the relocation of MKO members in Ashraf 3 their discontent of the cult-like regulations of the group increased and once they were informed that the UNHCR pays their monthly payment independently –not via the MKO authorities-   they are more motivated to leave the group as soon as possible.

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