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Mojahedin threat for Albania – debate in the European Parliament

Below is the debate that was organized at the headquarters of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium on 10 April 2018, which has terrified the Iranian jihadists of Albania into attacking the participants of this debate in their outlets and their paid for published writing.

The debate below was organized by MEPs Ana Gomes and Patricia Lalonde. European MPs demanded that through this debate, the European Union’s political environment should be alerted to the cultic, terrorist, deceitful and deceptive nature of the Iranian terrorist organization which is sheltering in Albania. In the event, French MP Patricia Lalonde and Portuguese MP Ana Gomes talked about their experiences with this terrorist group in Iraq and Europe and the concern that they have about the penetration of this group into the offices of the European Union.

Dr. Nicola Pedde, director of the Institute for Global Studies in Italy, examined the deceptive and deceiful methods of the Mojahedin group and the Fake News it produces, and the pressures and threats that this group poses for Italy, Italian businesses, Albania and Europe’s relations with Iran.

Dr. Olsi Jazexhi, director of the Free Media Institute, presented the situation of the Iranian Mojahedin in Albania, the threat they pose for media freedom, intellectual freedom, and religious tolerance in Albania. Dr. Jazexhiu showed how the Mojahedin have launched a recruiting campaign of politicians and citizens in Albania, how they commit calls for terrorism, punishable by law in the Republic of Albania, and how they continuously produce Fake News to threaten and terrorize Albanian public opinion. He pointed out that the Mojahedin do not want to integrate into Albanian society as other migrants do, but live instead in paramilitary compounds for jihadist purposes.

Migena Balla, a lawyer based in Tirana, explained her experience with Mojahedin dissociates, people who want to abandon jihad and deradicalize, but who are, unfortunately, not supported by the Albanian state and are labelled and threatened as ‘Iranian agents’ by the MEK terrorist organization if they behave like free citizens or contact their family members in Iran. She showed the psychological pressure and slavery that Mujahideen force on their members who threaten them and keep them isolated from the wider world.

Anne Khodabandeh, director of Open Minds organization and consultant in the field of deradicalization in Great Britain, exposed the cultic and deceptive nature of the Mojahedin and the manipulative methods they are using in Albania and have used before in Iraq, and the threat that the Mojahedin pose for the Albanian public.

The debate was attended by some former Mojahedin who have abandoned jihad and deradicalized, several European journalists and security experts who also participated in the debate. The debate can be followed in the links below. This open debate was attacked by the Mojahedin in their outlets and in some media in Albania, accused of being a prelude to terrorist attacks against the Mojahedin in Albania. However, the Mojahedin failed to intimidate the participants in the debate and to stop their freedom to discuss the aggressive and terrorist nature of the Mojahedin organization:

Gazeta Impakt, Reporting from EU Parliament

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