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My brother is denied the right to live freely

Mr. Azim Alizadeh Rad was a prisoner of Iran-Iraq war when the Mujahedin-e Khalq deceived him into joining the group.

Azim Alizadeh family - the mko cult hostage

His suffering mother attended the Nejat Society office of Gilan branch along with her other son, Kazem. The aging mother says:” … despite our efforts and several travels to Iraq, Camps Ashraf and liberty, we couldn’t meet our dear Azim. We were harassed and offended by the cult elements. Albania differs from Iraq however. Albania is a European country. How does it come that we cannot visit our dear ones in that country?!I am sure that some deals are done behind the scene…”

Azim Alizadeh family - the MKO cult hostage

Mr. Kazem Alizadeh rad says:” my brother was a soldier… he has been denied the right to live a real life for more than thirty years..”

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