Members of the MKO helped the Saddam regime in its suppression of Iraqi Kurdistan”

Iraqi president terms Iran’s stance on Iraq "very good" Iraqi President Jalal Talabani on Tuesday termed Iran’s stand on Iraq and the Iraqi democratic process in the aftermath of Saddam regime as "very good".  Talking to representatives of Iranian press in Iraq, he regretted that some western and Arab media had distorted his remarks on Iraqi neighboring states. "I, personally, have very good and amicable ties with the three countries of Iran, Turkey and Syria," he said lambasting several western media for distorting the statement he made during his recent visit to the US.  "The distortion reflects the fact that the Western media are concerned over close relations between Iraq and its three neighboring countries, particularly the Islamic Republic of Iran," the president added.  The Iraqi government and people will never forget assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past few years, he reiterated.  Iraq is interested in establishment of relations with all countries, including its neighbors, on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference, President Talabani noted.  As to the Iraqi government stand about the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), Talabani said according to the Iraqi Constitution, there is no place for terrorist groups in Iraq.

Members of the MKO helped the Saddam regime in its suppression of Iraqi Kurdistan, he said adding that all MKO members will be expelled from Iraqi territory as soon as possible.

Oct 4, IRNA

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