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The Failure of and Underhanded Move

Remnants of Rajavi’s gang who were trying, by the assistance of US warmongers and some lawyers, to impose themselves as "refuges" on Iraq have withdrawn their claims; they have preferred to press for their protected status and leave the idea of getting refugee status behind.

The statement released by MKO’s lawyers stresses on the need for protecting MKO members according to international laws. There’s no word on MKO members’ right to be considered refugees or the claim that MKO enjoyed refugee status when Saddam was in power.

This ignoble withdrawal indicates that all MKO claims have been refused by international agencies and that Iraqi government is committed to its decision on MKO (expulsion of the group from Iraq). The fact is that MKO can only stay in Iraq for a short period of time by asking help from occupiers.

On the other hand, Mr. Ahmed Bokhari, Director of UNHCR’s Middle East Affairs, announced that the members of MKO can get refugee status (in Iraq or another country) under three conditions:

1. Cutting ties with the Mojahedin-e Khalq organization

2. Denouncing terrorist activities (in the past)

3. Giving pledge not to return to terrorism again

These conditions equal the death and destruction of terrorist MKO. That’s why the MKO has taken hostage the members in Camp Ashraf for more than 3 years; that’s because the groups wants to delay the destruction.

Withdrawal from stupid claims in Iraq shows the close circle of options for this group and the determined fate for the MKO in Iraq.

Also, it should be noted that the protected status (from Fourth Geneva Convention) can be applied to those who have never committed a crime and it never means political immunity; even at current situation, prosecuting MKO’s crimes can lead to deportation, extradition and trial of MKO members. And this is what the Iraqi officials have stressed, reminding of the role of MKO in cooperating with Saddam and its involvement in massacring Iraqi people.

Irandidban –  2006/10/09

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