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PM Edwin (Edi Rama), tied to the Mojahedin Khalq

Prime Minister Edwin, advised by his boss and his mentor George Sorros, signed a secret agreement with former Secretary of State Kerry to transfer to Albania and to shelter the remaining 3000 Iranian Mojahedin (MEK) from Iraq. This agreement, which went much further than the agreement struck by former Prime Minister Berisha to shelter some tens of Mojahedin in Albania, was considered by Prime Minister Edwin as a miracle that would only bring profit. For the prime minister this was compensation for the gaffes and backsliding on the problem of dismantling Assad’s chemical weapons in Albania. The agreement placed the President Obama administration in debt to the Prime Minister of a small Balkan country. In Albania we would have over 3,000 “tourists” for 365 days a year. Criminal elements close to Edwin, on the back of the minimum accusation of negligence, would benefit from millions of petrodollars for housing, protection or transportation of Iranian Mojahedin, or even for building their paramilitary base in Manzas of Durres, the so-called Ashraf Camp 3. Bribes, only bribes is what you can say about such a deal. Actually, Prime Minister Edwin had forgotten the English saying that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The arrival of this organization, the clique, the cult led by Madam Rajavi in Albania began to have increasingly disturbing side effects. We recall the anti-Mojahedin protest of the inhabitants of Manza over the cemetery as well as a series of developments in the field of the judiciary.

So far, Albanian prosecutors have the files of four accusations (made by proxy Albanian lawyers) of the families of different individuals resident in Camp Ashraf 3 in Golan. All four criminal charges have the common charge: the unlawful deprivation of liberty of the person. These Iranian Mojahedin family members MEK accuse the organization, Madam Rajavi’s cult, of abducting their relatives (children, brothers, sisters) and holding them in the camp against their will. Strangely enough, the Albanian prosecution is investigating these 4 counts with the speed of a snail ….

Malek Sharaii’s brother, the Iranian Mojahed who reportedly drowned in a reservoir not far from Ashraf 3 camp, sent a letter of protest to Filippo Grandi, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees at the United Nations. Faryad Azadi, his brother on behalf of the whole family informs Filippo Grandi that the family is convinced that Malek Sharaii did not die accidentally but was killed by the Iranian Mojahedin (or MEK). The Sharaii family also protests strongly about the attitude of the Albanian police and prosecution, which has halted investigations into how the deceased really lost his life. The mother of the deceased, Masoumeh Torkamani and his sister, Zahra Sharaii, hope for the help of the UN to find his body. Prime Minister Edwin with his Iranian Mojahedin Renaissance is taking us back to the 1990s, when foreign diplomats and UN representatives pressed dictator Alia about the dead on the walls of the embassies in Tirana and the missing in unnamed tombs over in Macedonia. Thankfully this time the MEK’s hunting dogs are only killing Iranians not Albanians, thank God!

The couple, Mahboubeh and Mostafa Mohamadi, had not engaged a lawyer, but had come to Albania and are urgently trying to meet their daughter Somayeh Mohammadi, who according to the couple was abducted by the Iranian MEK and can be found in Camp Ashraf 3. The couple have not missed any Albanian institution without knocking on the door, including the offices of the UNCHR. These two parents have also written a letter to Minister Xhafa about the plight that has befallen them. On July 26, 2017 (I was present), they also filed criminal charges for the unlawful deprivation of liberty of the person at the Police Directorate of Durres District. On Friday, July 27, 2017, a group of Iranian MEK attacked the couple in question in the Medresea area in Tirana. The attack was not just verbal insults and threats, but also physical, with slaps, punches and kicks. Father Mostafa ended up in hospital – his hospital photos have now become viral on Albanian social networks. Then a bunch of MEKs with banners in their hands spent a few hours in the courtyard of the Police Commissariat no. 4 in Tirana, putting pressure on the Albanian police not continue with interrogation of their “friends” who attacked Mostafa, who only insists on meeting his daughter who is believed to be in Camp Ashraf 3 in Manza.

O Edwin, Prime Minister and Chief of the internal affairs of my country, chain up the hunting dogs! If you cannot control the hunting dogs because they have prior links to you, then please explain to them that they are in Albania for humanitarian reasons as persons protected by the Albanian state and not as a bunch of mercenaries that can put pressure on the Albanian police. My homeland Albania is not “the sick man” of the Adriatic with “the Bosphorus disease”, like the Turkey of Sultan Abdul Hamiti,. MEK cannot enjoy extraterritoriality because of your government Edwin; the Prime Minister of my country has not signed Sultan Abdul Hamiti’s capitulation for a meal!

[Oh Edwin, please God you do not lower today’s level to that of Fatmir Mehdi, Meta, Mehdihoxha of 10 years ago who, in order to avoid bribery with colonels and Albanian generals, told that for that medallion of Chinese pellets in Rinas and for those MANPADs and Gerdec cathedrals, Fatmir as Fatmir had not received any dollar, making a favor to those CIAs of the CIA. When Gerdec broke out with 26 people killed and 300 injured, none of the CIA’s “cunat” came to god. Albanian colonels and generals ended up in jail or asylum in the US (SIC!), While Fatmir became an environment minister! Do not lower the level with the CIA fairy tales that Manze’s MEK is throwing dance in Albania, that you are favoring those CIA’s “cunas”. Do not bother me at Mediu of Seed!]

O Edwin, with humility pay attention to the Albanian proverb: The dog, when freed from the chain, bites everyone in the area as well. If the MEK are freed from their chain, Lord knows whether they will stop biting until they reach the general secretary of the ministry or go to the ministers and prime minister. Beware, Prime Minister not to make a mistake in the name of my country with these MEK, there is no anti-rabies vaccine!

O Edwin do not provoke the Albanians who … demonstrated against Assad’s chemical weapons as the concession payment for the National Road, or for the failure of the mines in Bulqiza and so on. The MEK sat you in your place when some 50 citizens of Manza protested against the burial of Mojahedin in the Manza cemetery and you Edwin were lying to say that these Manzas MEKs will profit us?!?!?!?

 GJERGJ THANASI, Translated by Iran Interlink

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