MEK assault parents then send tens of thugs to hunt down ex-members in Tirana

After the assault, the MEK perpetrators were taken to police station 4 in Tirana. MEK then gathered around forty of their members to scream and shout outside the building in an attempt to intimidate both the victims and the police. According to observers MEK have this evening run amok in Tirana and are now spreading out around the city to track down former members and threaten them with death.

Not one of the MEK have any legal status in the country – they were brought by the UNHCR without travel documents. Yet they act with impunity. MEK claim they are backed by the CIA and MOSSAD and therefore nobody can challenge them, not even the Albanian government.

@MojahedinAlbani MEK terrorists are outside police station No4 intimidating victims and lawyer. Please RT

مزدوران رجوی در خارج ایستگاه پلیس شماره 4 تیرانا قربانیان و وکلا را تهدید می کنند. لطفا باز نشر کنید.

— Massoud khodabandeh (@ma_khodabandeh) July 27, 2018


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