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The true nature of the assault against Camp Liberty

Struan Stevenson, Conservative member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Scotland and lobbyist of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) in Europe, has recently addressed Ambassador György The true nature of the assault against Camp LibertyBusztin, Martin Kobler’s deputy in Iraq, and claimed that the missile and mortar attack against Camp Liberty on Saturday, February 9, 2013 was directed by the Iranian regime.
To prove his claim he has stated that the leader of Jaysh-Al-Mukhtar, i.e. Wathiq Al-Musawi Al-Batat, has accepted responsibility for the attack in an interview with the Al-Sharqiyya network and has emphasized that this sort of action will continue in future since the MKO is responsible for the massacre of the Iraqi people under Saddam Hussein. Stevenson has also made claims against the Iraqi Prime Minister Mr. Nuri Maliki and the Special Representative of the UN General Secretary to Iraq Mr. Martin Kobler and accused them of collaborating with the Iranian regime.
It is worth mentioning a few points in this regard:
1. While condemning the terrorist act, the Iraqi Prime Minister has ordered the leader of the terrorist organization to be arrested; Martin Kobler has also condemned this violent act and urged for a full investigation and for the criminals to be arrested and brought to justice.
2. Stevenson refers to the interview of Al-Batat with the Al-Sharqiyya network. This network is one of the most anti-Iranian media in Iraq which has close ties with the MKO. Reviewing the news and data produced by this network shows everything by itself.
3. There are documents showing that the network has given aid up to 100 thousand dollars to the Iraqi organization in the past. The source of the fund of course has been the MKO.
But the actual mission of the news network and the group claiming responsibility, whose hints are exposed gradually, is to create a fearful atmosphere amongst the Shiite Muslims in Iraq and connect all their activities to the Iranian regime. This is done with the cooperation of the Rajavi Cult and the remnants of the previous regime in Iraq. The purpose is of course to bring the toppled regime back to power in favor of the MKO. In this regard, anyone opposing their deeds will be accused of being the agent of the Iranian regime. This includes Nuri Maliki and Martin Kobler too.
At the present time, the idea of the Rajavi Cult being behind the missile and mortar attack against Camp Liberty is gaining support. What make the notion even more likely are the words of a former member of the cult who managed to escape from the camp after the attack. He is living in Baghdad now and is willing to bear witness anytime and anywhere necessary.
He has stated that: “Three days prior to the attack, they held a session for all the inhabitants of the camp titled ‘passive defense’. In this session alerts were given to all for the possibility of assaults against the camp and everyone was asked to follow the instructions given by the commanders in such a case and do exactly what they are told. In response to those who asked what sort of an assault they might face, the officials answered that there could be a missile and mortar attack. The night before the occurrence they broadcast one of Massoud Rajavi’s speeches on their satellite television and asked everyone to watch it. In his speech Rajavi clearly mentioned that in order to save Camp Ashraf they would need to make sacrifices and give their blood.”
Immediately after the attack at 5 am, Rajavi issued a statement addressed to the inhabitants of the camp where everyone was asked to follow the instructions given by the commanders and do exactly what they are told. Maryam Rajavi and the NCR in Paris simultaneously issued dozens of statements and demanded that the inhabitants of Camp Liberty be transported back to Ashraf. It seemed as though they were all ready for the attack. There was of course no statement asking for the inhabitants to be taken out of Iraq for their safety. While finding the Iranian regime responsible for the act, Maryam Rajavi urged that the members be moved from Baghdad to a place even nearer to the Iranian border and rejected any demands made for leaving Iraq, even those made by her American supporters.
Nevertheless what is clearer now is that this assault was made to the advantage of Rajavi in person and against the benefits of his victims and hostages in Camp Liberty. Surely neither the Iraqi government nor the UN in Iraq have gained anything from this, and only those who want to threaten the internal security of Iraq for their own particular benefits are willing to perform such acts.

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