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Why did Iranian Mojahedin physically assault Mostafa Mohammadi?

Since July 5, 2018, two old Canadian citizens have wandered around Tirana; Mostafa Mohammedi and Mahboubeh Hamza. These two elderly people who have wandered the streets of Tirana for more than three weeks, desperately knock on the doors of Albanian institutions and ask for help. They want to meet their daughter, Somayeh Mohammadi, who was abducted when she was 17 years old by the Iranian Mojahedin terrorist organization.

The Mojahedin who kidnapped Somayeh from Canada 21 years ago in 1997, promised her a free visit to Iraq, but then didn’t allow her to return home. In 1999, when Somayeh’s brother Mohammad went to Iraq to rescue his sister, he was also abducted by the Mojahedin and was forced inside Camp Ashraf. Somayeh’s father, Mostafa Mohammadi, who has left no stone unturned in his efforts to rescue his children, finally, in 2004, with the help of the American marines, saved his son Mohammad from the jihadist camp. However, he failed to save Somayeh.

From 2004 until today, Mostafa and Mahboubeh have visited Iraq, Jordan, America and France to find their daughter, who, like a few hundred more young men and women, is held captive by a frightening terrorist organization.

When the Iranian Mojahedin arrived here in 2016, Mohammadi finally had an address where he could look for his daughter. For this reason, on 5 July 2018, after gathering money for his visit, he finally came to Tirana. He went to the UNHCR’s office, Ramsa, the Interior Ministry, the police, etc. and explained that he wanted to find and meet his daughter. While the Interior Ministry and the charity office headed by Sokol Sheti, said that his daughter does not exist, other organizations informed Mostafa that his daughter was alive in Albania and in Manëz. They showed him his daughter’s file but told him he could not access the file because that privilege was only for Sokol Sheti, who had lied. The fact that Somayeh was alive was marvellous for Mostafa and gave him hope.

But the Iranian jihadists who are protected by the Albanian state and who have many child soldiers – that is, soldiers who have been kidnapped as children and kept for years – when they learned that Mostafa had finally discovered that his daughter was alive, panicked. Three days after Mostafa arrived in Albania, ie on July 8, 2018, they wrote a letter on behalf of Somayeh – which they distributed to the media on July 22 only after Mostafa discovered his daughter was there. In the letter written on behalf of Somayeh, the Mojahedin portray Somayeh as their devotee who does not belong to her father. In the letter which the Mojahedin issued to the media on behalf of Somayeh, they write that Somayeh will not meet her father and mother because, the letter claims, they are agents of Iran.

Media from Anila Basha’s newsbomb to Lapsi have published the MEK leaflet which demands that Minister Xhafaj deport Mostafa and Somayeh’s mother. But Mostafa, who is not afraid of the MEK leaflet, responded to Minister Xhafaj by explaining that he is a Canadian citizen and construction worker who wants only for his daughter to be taken home – taken to Toronto and not to Tehran.

But even if Mostafa Mohammed was an Iranian agent, again, no son of a bitch has any right in this world to stop a mother and a father from having the right to meet their child. Maryam Rajavi and her terrorists sheltering in Manëz at the Ashraf 3 paramilitary camp are using every stone and tool to frighten Mostafa and Mahboubeh and not let them meet their daughter. They are using ‘foreign agents’ accusations, fake news, money, threats and their ties with the Albanian government to get Mostafa deported from Albania so as not to meet his daughter. Some media outlets that publish the copy-paste libel of the MEK jihadists – who label Mostafa as an Iranian agent – have also fallen into this propaganda trap.

But Mostafa is brave. He will not surrender and does not get frightened. On July 24, 2018, he talked about the MEK kidnapping and illegal detention of his daughter. The criminal proceeding that was issued in Durres has led the criminal police to enter the Manëz camp, find, identify and meet the girl. Although the meeting with Somayeh at the police station took place in the presence of the MEK Gestapo – who do not leave their members alone for even a moment and threaten them if they express any desire to leave the cult, sooner or later Somayeh will meet with her father and mother, on her own, free and without fear of MEK commanders, who, if Somayeh for even a moment now dares to say, “I want to meet my mom and dad”, will seriously condemn and possibly kill her!

Some former Mojahedin who have abandoned the MEK jihad and live in Tirana, and also some of Somayeh’s friends who are now Denmark and the US, testify that Somayeh loves her mother and father very much and dreams of living with them one day. She is not a devotee, like the devotees who created the Labor Party in Albania, who abandoned their mothers and fathers for the sake of the Party. Somayeh will meet her parents, but she is just scared and for now she cannot do this because she is isolated by MEK. For 24 hours a day under the MEK Gestapo Somayeh does not watch television, does not read the internet, does not have a phone, does not read the newspaper, is not allowed to leave the camp and has no idea what her mom and her dad are doing in Tirana. The only thing that the MEK commanders say to her, is that Iran has brought some agents who want to kill her and the holy Maryam Rajavi. Somayeh has been totally isolated for 20 years and has no idea of the outside world.

Hassan, a former Mojahed who lives in Tirana and has abandoned jihad, describes why Somayeh is afraid to leave the camp and meet her parents. ‘The Mojahedin threaten you and tell you, if you meet your mother and father, Iranian agents will kill you. On the other hand, the camp at Manëz is guarded by private armed police who are used as a threaten Somayeh and her friends who are thinking of abandoning jihad. The Mojahedin commanders say to those who they think want to escape from the camp, that if they do such a thing they will be hit and killed.’

Mostafa Mohammadi, who understands how his daughter is being held hostage, does not surrender. He is following legal remedy and hopes that one day when he does see his daughter – away from the Mojahedin Gestapo which threaten her all the time – Somayeh will fall on her parents’ neck and tell them: Mom and Dad, I want to go with you in Canada! Get me out of this disgusting terrorist camp that has held me hostage for 20 years. Mostafa and Mahboubeh have built Somayeh a new home in Toronto and are eagerly waiting for their daughter to abandon jihad, complete her college education and then go to university. For her to find a good job and then marry, as have her brothers and sisters living in Canada. Mohammad, her brother who lives and works in Ottawa, tells their father, please do whatever you can to save Somayeh.

Somayeh’s freedom terrifies the Mojahedin. If Somayeh abandons the MEK’s Manëz camp and goes to Canada she will be followed by several hundred other Mojahedin who have been isolated from their families for 20 years. Families who have lost their children in the MEK camp (and who the Albanian state prohibits from entering the country on the pretext that they are Iranian agents) will flood Albania and seek the freedom for their children without being afraid that MEK will accuse them of being Iranian agents.

Many witnesses who have left the MEK narrate horrific stories. Members there are not only kept in terrible conditions, but there are many women who have been raped by Massoud Rajavi, leader of the cult.

For this reason, the Mojahedin went crazy today and attacked Somayeh’s father in the streets of Tirana. They think they live in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and that by slandering and accusing the elderly Mostafa of being an Iranian agent, they will be able to frighten and deter Mostafa from his demand for justice.

Today, under the command of jihadist Commander Behzat Saffari, the Mojahedin attacked and beat Mostafa Mohammadi, striking him and calling him a terrorist. Later, after Tirana police escorted these Mojahedin to Police Commissariat No. 4, the Mojahedin surrounded the police station with 50 Mojahedin who protested against Mostafa and his lawyers, who they labelled terrorists.

Police at the Regional Commissariat No. 4, who were offended by the Mojahedin attack, finally saw with their own eyes the threat that violent jihadism constitutes for Albania. Although the Mojahedin thought that by beating Mostafa they would frighten him, things went differently. Tirana police acknowledged Mostafa’s denunciation of the violence against him and the case has already passed to the court. Mostafa is free and will continue with the prosecution against hostage-taking by the jihadist group in the serious crimes tribunal.

The Mojahedin’s beating of Mostafa has not scared him at all. Mostafa and his wife will continue the legal battle to the end. They will release Somayeh from the horrible Mojahedin cult and take her to Canada.

This fact terrifies the Mojahedin. And this is the reason they beat Mostafa on the streets of Tirana today.

May God not allow the Mojahedin to kill Mostafa, Somayeh, or the people who are working to release her!

Translated by Iran Interlink


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