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The Outcomes of MKO’s Gathering in Geneva

It’s now 90 days that 60 supporters and members of MKO have gathered before the office of UNHCR in Geneva due to the critical situation of this group in Iraq.

The continuation of this move indicates that the leaders of the group are still seeking solutions to overcome the current crisis (for the group) in Iraq.

Also, other activities by the group show that the priority for the MKO leaders is to find a way out of the crisis in Iraq and that all MKO efforts (in order to help the group politically and structurally) have failed so far.

However, MKO’s spokespersons never speak directly of what they are dealing with in Iraq (in order not to worsen the situation of their demoralized members in Camp Ashraf) and the future of the group. They are trying to get out of the crisis that doesn’t seem to have any solutions.

But MKO members’ and supporters’ gathering for 90 days in Geneva can be viewed from two angles:

1. from the viewpoint of Western governments and international community: during this time, none of UNHCR officials have taken any position on the issue in order not to provide a chance for MKO to take advantage. Instead, the comments of some of these officials are totally against the purposes of this gathering. The officials of Red Cross and Western governments have also expressed similar comments, closing all windows on the gang of Rajavi. They have all declared that Iraqi government should decide about the MKO.

2. from domestic viewpoint: although its clear as crystal that the MKO has no popular support inside Iran, with respect to the impacts of this gathering (the continuation of which has been based on MKO’s needs) it should be said that if the group had any support inside the country, there could be a move in support of this act; but there will be no voice in support of the group from inside Iran. The truth is that if people are asked to focus on this issue, there will be nothing for the MKO except trial and prosecution.

Irandidban     2006/11/04

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