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Objections to whitewashing human rights abuses by MEK in Albania by SOKOL BALLA, Vision Plus TV

1- Mansour Nazari, Iran Interlink, France, December 02 2018:



President of Vision Plus TV in Albania

Mansour Nazari

I am Nazari Mansour, a former member of the MEK organization who separated many years ago from the Mojahedin-e Khalq.

You recently provided a report on the Mojahedin camp in Albania, but this report is not real. Why?

The MEK are trying to whitewash their past. Surely they have not told you anything about their past. Why?

This organization has a black history and for this reason the MEK organization is trying to erase it. Why? Because they have a terrible past of violence and terrorism.

Its terrorist operations targeted American-owned businesses, and it killed six American citizens, in addition to its far more numerous Iranian victims.

After the victory of the Iranian revolution and the beginning of the war between Iran and Iraq the MEK joined Saddam Hussein in Iraq. The Iraqi dictator also gave the group weapons, cash, and a compound called Camp Ashraf in return for its continuing attacks inside Iran as well as helping Saddam suppress his own domestic opponents.

Within this organization are many things that you have not been told, for example: compulsory divorce, meetings to confess dreams in which everyone must describe their dreams, family contact is forbidden, having a phone was forbidden. If anyone wanted to leave the organization, they would have to spend two years imprisoned in Ashraf, then eight years in Abu Ghraib prison, then be handed over to the Iranian government. WHY? Just because they want to leave the MEK organization.

I suggest that the next time you want to report about the MEK, it would be better to ask them about their past, about forced divorces, working with Saddam Hussein, and imprisonment and torture inside Camp Ashraf. And in addition, invite investigative delegations to establish the truth.

Yours Sincerely

Mansour Nazari

2- Mir Bagher Sedaghi, Vatanam association, Switzerland, December 02 2018

Dear Mr Sokol Balla, presenter of the Real Story in Vision Plus in Albania.

Mir Bagher Sedaghi

Your program was brought to my notice in which you visited the Mojahedin Khalq (MKO, MEK, NCRI, PMOI and many other pseudonyms) terrorist organisation and held an interview with Mr Hassan Naybagha.

I noted that Hassan Naybagha falsely claimed that all foreign media are now trying to mislead the international community and claimed not only that the group is not a military group but the group and its members in the camp are from among the intellectuals of Iranian society, who have only resisted the regime in Iran by intellectual means (not military).

As an ex-member of the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MEK, MKO, or more properly known as the Rajavi cult),I can testify to you that the MEK is nothing more or less than a terrorist group. When I was with the group, I was regularly encouraged to carry out violent acts of terrorism. I have also been witness to the despatch of MEK terror teams from Iraq to Iran to carry out bombing campaigns, using mortars to attack buildings in residential areas. I am available to testify in any court of justice should there be the opportunity.

Please don’t be fooled by the charm offensive of this terrorist cult. Due to the defeat of Saddam Hussein who was the benefactor and the main strategic ally of Mojahedin Khalq, the group is now incapable of taking up arms. But make no mistake, they still have the dangerous potential to start terrorist operations should the time and the place by favourable to them.

Mir Bagher Sedaghi

3- Ghafoor Fatahin, Peyvan Rahaee, Paris, December 02 2018

To officials of the Albanian Vizion Plus television network,

Respectful greetings,

Ghafoor Fatahian

I am Gafoor Fatahian, a former member of the Iranian People’s Mojahedin Khalq organization (MEK). I spent twenty years in the headquarters of this organization in Iraq and I am an eyewitness to this organization when they were sending terrorist teams into Iran to kill innocent civilians.

Moreover, MEK has eliminated many of its own members who opposed its leadership’s policies. They also imprisoned and tortured others. Many of my ex-comrades were killed inside the organization’s headquarters in Iraq by order of the leaders of the organization and by its executioners who are now in the headquarters of the organization in your country, Albania.

I am an eyewitness to the repressive practices against members within the organization. They isolated them from the outside world, especially from their families in Iran and other countries.

In fact, the real MEK is not the one spoken of by Maryam Rajavi in Europe in the present, using the buzzwords of the free world to say her organization is committed to democracy, freedom and human rights in an attempt to win support from America and European countries.

What is going on behind the scenes and behind the barbed wire surrounding the headquarters of this organization is very serious and terrible and is intended to keep the members of the organization as prisoners held inside its headquarters in Albania.

This organization is no longer a political organization fighting for the establishment of democracy and freedom in Iran, but it has been transformed into a special community by its leaders, headed by Maryam Rajavi with beliefs, ideas and duties contrary to the principles and norms of humanity and universality in the present age. For this reason and for many other reasons, including the cooperation of the organization and its alliance with the regime of Saddam Hussein and its army and its financial, military and political dependence on foreigners, the MEK has lost its popular base among Iranians inside and outside Iran, even active opponents against the regime in Iran.

Hatred toward this organization and the atmosphere of alienation and opposition prevailing within the ranks of the organization among its members, has also led to the separation of more than two thousand members of the Organization over the past thirty years. In particular after the expulsion of the organization from Iraq and transfer to Albania whereby hundreds of members have now separated from the organization and are living in the Albanian capital, Tirana. And, if you want to prove your journalistic neutrality, you can interview these members who are separated from the organization in your country. They can tell you many facts about this organization so that you will discover that everything in your report about the organization’s headquarters in Albania is nothing but fabricated lies, artificial acts and false statements uttered by the leaders of the organization who wanted to display a fiction in front of your cameras.

This dangerous terrorist community has never renounced its violent ideas and terrorist tendencies because its ideas were built on the basis of terrorism, armed struggle and violence, not freedom and democracy, which it praises in its hollow slogans.

Gafoor Fatahian is a former member of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran.

Paris – 30 November 2018

4- Easa Azadeh, Yaran Iran, France, December 02 2018

(Automatic Google translation)


President and director, vision Plus TV and host of the real story in Albania

Easa Azadeh

I am Easa Azadeh – from officials and former commander of the MEK.  I’m more than thirty years in different parts of it have activity and Camp Liberty in Iraq, with the help of a UNHCR higher refugees, and the Office of the UN special of the cult, isolated and now in French I live in.french.

MEK with a history of terrorist is very dangerous, in the sight of the people of Iran, sorely hated. From the other side of the MEK by becoming a cult fanatics member himself about the most violent vexation, Singapore, gives, implying that members of the Liberator, had cut the minimum rights of members to ignore and not recognize. Even allowed to meet with the families and their loved ones to make excuses, wishful thinking has forbidden.

This cult saccate, mind control, continuous members, them, thought herself has Tank would have made that the leadership of this cult to put in place of God, and the aura of worship.

This cult basic transition operation a tehari in the world has gotten 38 years before the venture into operation a tehari in Iran and Europe.

The cult communities of the Iranians inside the country and out of country no place, and from the perspective of the people of Iran, this cult acutely unpopular and treacherous can be considered. Officials of the MKO with the costs of operation and through the media tried to downplay and white storage past full of killing and bloody. The case touts that in any way with the water hundred the sea of time, the White will not. This cult lacks the minimum principles of political is absolutely no Honesty in it, there is no continuous Heart and shanties and lie is trying to show with your silly Red Keep. And black white effects. And by bringing a number of Speaker rental and collecting the hundreds of refugees displaced with the money try to show the social base. The total human capital of this sect of about two thousand members Grime that with an average age of 55 and with cohesion of disease in the garrison the so-called Ashraf3, in the outskirts of Tirana, institutions of society.

I, as one of the commanders and authorities of the denomination to alert you to the tenth, that the lure of these cults do not eat, because these sects in Iraq together with the costs of operation and giving bribes, huge, from, media, started, and then, with the financial support into a terrorist like Al-Qaeda and ISIS to insecurity, the country of Iraq, security Iraq and killing innocent people.

This cult when the explosion of the Twin Towers in America by al-Qaeda in camps in Iraq celebrated introduced, and IT operations support for the terrorists will in time occupy a major part of the territory of Iraq by ISIS, again celebrated, and where can be found the ISIS in Iraq, about the types of support, direct and indirect.

This cult in Albany, too, the machinations of the evil his has to start ولابد you as a journalist Albanian better than we know that this cult how in the political affairs of the country, you can interfere.

This cult before any action should the situation ladder will determine the assignment that Dead or Alive. So politically, the cult of the hand her empty that death ladders the Turkish Al-Faisal, the former chairman of the information Arabia, has announced. Vine cult with tumult, the leader of his dead again, alive and has so far eleven messages appointed to he has published. Is this the same demagoguery and Heart not political?

I ask of you to think that, according to the principle of neutrality of the media, let the servant to accompany a few of my friends also facts related to this cult laid to inform people of Albania note reporters that your responsibility is one-sided and is basically a figment of the device demagogic this cult.

Please and please at least inform yourself, or a number isolated from the community representatives also interview to do. Without a doubt, a journalist, a professional from all angles to check the facts case analysis.

It is necessary to know to inform them that this sect the worst of the stifling and dictatorial toward members herself applies and now also in Albania with isolate out them in a camp context, breakeven is not out of the members unhappy.

The cult due to non-compliance with minimum human rights and transformed the MEK to a cult of terror and fanatic and use the tool parents of members, and such a divorce is mandatory and in celibacy going to be used, women and men, flawed, human rights, and have the crimes of the Ann disclosure, and under the jurisdiction used. Mr. sokol dear an organization sect and mercenary alien no time and can be seen as the opposition to mold. You, as a media can from the communities of Iranians outside through a Facebook survey. Surely more with the facts, and hated being MEK will wake.

With respect, Easa Azadeh

Paris, November 30, 2018

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