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New Plans by the Cult

As the issue of MKO’s expulsion from Iraq becomes more serious, the bankrupt group of Rajavi has decided to establish its satellite TV unit in a European country.

Following the order of Iraqi officials and coalition forces on the expulsion of MKO from Iraq and banning all propagandistic and political activities of the group in this country, it’s impossible for the group to continue its studio works in Camp Ashraf. As soon as Camp Ashraf is cleared of terrorist elements, TV installations and establishments of the group will be confiscated by the Iraqi government, therefore the officials of Rajavi’s gang have decided to establish new studios in one of Scandinavian countries.

Some sources close to the gang of Rajavi reported that MKO officials’ efforts to establish propagandistic units in France, Sweden and Norway were blocked by the strong opposition of security services in these countries. Particularly in France, Interior Ministry opposed the idea and warned a private company on the issue.

Observers believe that regarding the existence of top secret and sensitive bases of this terrorist organization in Switzerland and the previous activities of the group in this country, the new studios will be established in this European country.

There’s no doubt that establishing these new installations will have high costs for the group (much higher than the costs of producing TV programs), and that’s why the group is holding "solidarity" programs (kind of "Telethon") to collect the money needed for buying the new equipments.

It should be noted that Iraq announced that all properties given to the group by Saddam Hussein are the properties of Iraqis. The government has also ordered that these properties should return to the country’s treasury.

Irandidban –  2006/11/27

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