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Why the MKO Resorts To Hypocricy?

16 of Azar (December 7) passed and like all previous years, active political student groups commemorated it. As expected, according to the political situation in the Universities, some these groups criticized the policies of government on issues related to higher education.

Amazingly, the terrorist group of the MKO took this issue as an opportunity to boost the morale of its desperate members; therefore, they tried to introduce the students’ activities as a proof for their wrong analyses, according to which they describe the situation of the society as "exploding" and claim that armed forces in Iran are relentlessly struggling to suppress popular protests.

Of course, in this article, there’s no need to say that how baseless these analyses are (and have been during past 25 years).

However, what is important in respect to the topic of our article is that those who gathered in Technical College in Tehran on 16 of Azar are all known people and those who follow the political news and issues of Universities are familiar with them and their positions.

That they are known is very important and raises questions that the MKO should answer.

The question is that why the MKO advertises on this gathering and tries to take advantage of it?

To answer this question, it should be clarified that protestors were from Tahkim-e Vahdat Association, which generally includes National-Religious elements with different attitudes the most radical of whom are people like Mr. Tabarzadi.

Everyone is aware of Mr. Tabarzadi’s letter and his views on the MKO. He and his sympathizers- as the radical ones- believe that: (1) the organization of Mojahedin-e Khalq is a terrorist organization; it should review its past and throw away its leaders if it wants to have a role in Iran’s political scene, (2) this group should compensate its treacherous cooperation with Saddam Hussein against Iranians.

It should also be noted that other branches of Tahkim-e Vahdat have not been ignorant about the MKO. As the nature of MKO indicates, they consider it a mercenary force and an enemy of Iranian people. This leaves no place for honorable students to cooperate with the group. Of course, as we saw, the students deprived foreigners from the chance of interfering in Iran’s internal affairs.

Now, regarding the nature of movements inside Iran and their hatred for the gang of Rajavi, it should be said that MKO’s advertising on recent developments in Iran is as if they are advertising for Monarchists in the US or Workers’ Communist Party in Sweden or England!

Of course, it should be said that there’s no similarity between honorable Iranian students and other dependent groups abroad, but the comparison was made only with respect to the fact that the MKO is against these groups and censors news related to them.

Why the MKO resorts to hypocrisy in this regard is clear:

1. Inherent opportunism of the group and its abuse of the situation in order to help the desperate conditions even if the group should stand against its own violent strategies.

2. Lagging behind the international developments and its inability to influence the situation as well as its efforts to save its face.

3. Finally, this approach has only internal uses for the MKO. It should be noted that the MKO has repeatedly announced that movements inside Iran are bound to the government and that none of them want the overthrow of regime. MKO has announced that these groups don’t meet the goals of Mojahedin and that these groups sometimes have consensus against the MKO. However, since the group should prove the "exploding situation of society", they should take advantage of such news events reflected in domestic and international news agencies.

In the end, it should be stressed that the hypocrisy of the MKO will only damage MKO’s own claims and violent anti-human stances, since in Iran, no group or movement accepts the cult of Rajavi and its positions. Therefore, all MKO’s propaganda can be considered as obituary for Rajavi’s thoughts.

Irandidban     2006/12/10

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