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We are not terrorists!

Former MEK speak out: We are not terrorists, do not drive us out!

The Mojahedin members who deserted the camp in Manëz regret that they worked for Saddam Hussein and demand that they not be persecuted.

Defectors from the Mojahedin camp in Manëz, Durres, demand that they are not accused of being terrorists and agents of Iran. They admit they had been fighting for Saddam Hussein for years but have repented and now want to live away from the pressures and threats.

Mojahedin defector: It is not true that we are terrorists. We left this organization to live our lives as civilians. We no longer want to fight as jihadis. We seek to live freely, as this organization has made many mistakes in the past.

They ask the Albanian government not to expel them.

Mojahedin defector: I am here to tell the Albanian public and the government that we are not agents of Iran. I was part of Saddam Hussein’s regime and then fought alongside him, now I want to live as a free citizen.

About 4,000 Mojahedin live in the Manëz camp and it turns out that 400 people have left there, 40 of whom live in Tirana.
ORA News, Translated by Iran Interlink

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