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Sad News for the Cult

While the stupid propaganda system of Mojahedin has focused on warmongering and repeating the confused policies of Bush to deploy more troops to Iraq and threatening other countries, the reports published around the world represent the image of opposition to US’s fascist warmongering policies; of course, the cult of Rajavi censors all such reports so as to prevent them from being heard by its desperate members.

Tom Lantos, the head of Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee said on Wednesday, Jan. 17, that he’s ready to go to Iran along with a delegation.

Speaking in Foreign Relations Committee, Tom Lantos, Dem. From California, added that Iranian officials have so far refused to issue visas for Congressmen.

He also added that Americans should also be blamed for obstructing the process of talks to the US.

"I’m ready to take a delegation from Foreign Relations Committee to Tehran at any time in order to talk on all issues without conditions," he said.

Madlin Albright, former US Secretary of State during the presidency of Clinton, who was also in the meeting, said: "The US should sit to talk with Iran without any conditions". (1)

"By preparing a draft resolution that will be put to voting next week, three senior Senators protested to Bush’s policy of deploying plus 20000 more troops to Iraq and said that it was not good for national interest of the country.

Chuck Higel, along with influential congressmen Karl Levin and Josef Biden, announced in a press conference that their resolution is aimed at convincing the president to give the duty of establishing security and stability to Iraqis themselves instead of increasing the number of US troops". (2)

"Opposition to the war in Iraq has extended to US troops so that 1085 soldiers have initiated "War Against War" campaign.

The more it passes, the more the number of anti-war US troops becomes. They say that the war was both wrong and futile. They also want to use legal ways available to make their protests public." (3)

Since the MKO leaders believe in another war for the survival of the group, and since they have already started supporting military clashes between the US and Iran (they have put their members in Camp Ashraf in "ready" situation), therefore they censor all reports on moves against US policies."

However, since the remnants of Rajavi want to convince the members in Camp Ashraf that "Americans have gotten their message and are following them"!, and regarding the facts above, it should be said that "opposition to war and Zionist policies of Neocons is increasing and also, those who support unconditional talks with Iran (called by MKO as "compromisers) have formed a stronger front and declare this policy louder than ever before.


1. Radio Farda

2. BBC

3. Radio Germany (Deutewelle)

Irandidban -2007/01/20

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