Albanian officials concerned over MEK illegal activities in Albania, Biden’s Ex adviser

President Biden’s Ex adviser on Middle East affairs; Mr. Daniel Benaim offers a suggestion how US can mend its ties to Iran. A possible way is to transfer the Iranian Mujahedin sheltered in Albania to Ethiopia or somewhere on the shores of the Red Sea.

It is expected to witness drastic changes in US foreign policy after the inauguration of Joe Biden as President. He will strive to mend relations damaged by President Trump with Europe, Iran and China.

Daniel Benaim - Biden's Ex-advisor
Daniel Benaim

Daniel Benaim, who is expected to occupy an important position in Biden’s administration in his interview to “Jacobin Mag” stresses the fact that US abandonment of the nuclear deal with Iran(JCPOA) was a painful strike to Iran.

According to him strategic concessions should be offered to Iran, in order to lure it back to the negotiating table. Such concessions could include a reduction of the support to MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq) sheltered in Albania.

Mr. Benaim suggests that a way out would be to transfer them to Ethiopia or somewhere on the shores of the Red Sea.

He declared: “My friend and I share the suggestion that Iran could welcome a reduction in US support to MEK.

Albanian officials in bilateral meetings with American officials have declared that they are concerned over illegal activities of MEK such as trafficking of human beings, drugs or gun running.

It is not necessary to shelter Muajhedin-e Khalq in Albania and close to EU borders for a long time and we can study the possibility of transferring them to Ethiopia or somewhere on the shores of the Red Sea.”

From 2013 being under American pressure, Albania has sheltered more than 4000 members of MEK, an opposition group to the current Iranian regime.

Gazeta Impakt – Translated by Nejat Society


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