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Unconscious Intelligence Sources!

As the crisis on British sailors happened, remnants of Rajavi who thought they could take advantage of the issue tried to win the attention of public opinion.

One of their moves was to reveal so-called intelligence claimed by the group to have been received from revolutionary guard!

The alleged intelligence indicated that detention of sailors had been planned before and that it was supervised by Iranian supreme leader!

The MKO’s project, called "Hostage taking Crisis", was aimed at instigating British government against Iran. They tried to convince Britons that Iran’s move was in response to UN Security Council’s resolution.

According to the analyses of Rajavi’s gang, this crisis could last for months and they had to do their best to prevent a diplomatic resolution.

However, stupid remnants of Rajavi’s gang were wrong from the beginning:


1. British government was well aware of espionage mission of its soldiers in the Iranian waters and therefore paid no attention to the stories of MKO.


2. As usual, the gang of Rajavi had no proof to present and this added to reporters uncertainty so that all news wires reporting MKO’s claims said that the group had presented no documents.


3. In an interview with the Sky News before the detention of British sailors, their commander had stressed that they had espionage missions in the Iranian waters. This also adds to the failure of MKO’s scenario.


Now, the question is that why MKO’s intelligence sources, who are allegedly aware of even top secret meetings of Iranian leaders and IRGC commanders, didn’t say anything of Iran’s plan to release British sailors! Why aren’t there any words by them on the reasons why Iran freed them?

It seems as if MKO’s sources become unconscious when there’s no crisis and they start making stories as they feel there’s a crisis.

This is called "intelligence unconsciousness at the time of scandals"!


Irandidban – 2007/04/07



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