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Europeans willing to take anti-Iran MKO agents

Iraqi Intelligence Minister Sherwan Alvaeli said some European countries have announced their readiness to host agents of the terrorist Mujahideen Khalq Organization.

According to IRNA, Alvaeli noted previously the Iranian government had also announced an amnesty for members of MKO who had not participated in terrorist operations.

Alvaeli added that currently 4,000 MKO members are residing in Ashraf Camp under the protection of the US troops.

Earlier, chief prosecutor of Iraq’s Supreme Criminal Court, Ja’afar Al-Mousavi, told Baghdad-based Al-Mutamer newspaper that agents of the MKO do not enjoy any legal immunity in Iraq.

Al-Mousavi added that MKO is accused of financial corruption, crimes against Iraqi people and wastage of Iraqi assets.

He announced that a prosecution team is collecting evidence and documents against the terrorist group to try its members.

Referring to the fact that their presence in Iraq is illegal, Al-Mousavi said Iraq’s Supreme Criminal Court will conduct the trial of MKO ringleaders.

Meanwhile, an Iraqi news source revealed that the camp of MKO in Iraq has turned into a training ground for Al-Qaeda terrorists.

IRNA quoted Iraq’s Kurdistan Democratic Party as reporting on April 3 that hundreds of terrorists are undergoing training courses in Ashraf Camp in Baquba, where MKO agents are based, under the auspices of the terrorist group ‘Ansar Al-Islam’.

An Iraqi political official said on condition of anonymity that about 60 terrorists, accused of murder, have escaped to Ashraf Camp to undergo special short-term courses to conduct assassination and terrorist operations against political figures and governmental organizations.


IranMania –  27/04/2007

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