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Masoumeh was strangled by her scarf

Masoume Gheibepur

Masoumeh Gheibi entered the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) as a non-Muslim when she was thirty years old. Although she had stated it to the commanders, she was always under pressure by the commanders to obey the religious law of Islam. She was mentally and verbally abused by her commanders and finally she was sexually abused by the division commander named MohammadReza.

Consequently, Masoumeh urged to leave the group but her demand was refused. She was not allowed to leave the Cult of Rajavi because the leaders knew that as soon as she left the organization, she would reveal the story of what had been done to her. Therefore, a female commander arranged to hold meeting for Masoumeh to resolve her problem with the organization and convince her to stay in the group.

Masoume Gheibepur

But when they find out that Masoumeh is in no way willing to give up and will not trust the MEK anymore, the meetings got tense and oppressive where they punched and kicked Masoumeh in the face by her peers so severely that she passed out. According to some defectors’ testimony Masoumeh was strangled by her scarf around her neck.

Meanwhile, just at the same time that Massoumeh was under abuse and torture that led to her death, Massoud Rajavi was establishing his empire based on a female hegemony!

Massoume Gheibepur

She was eventually buried in the Pearl Cemetery in Camp Ashraf. It was declare in the group and written on her grave that she died of an illness. All her comrades in Camp Ashraf were aware that she was healthy until the day before her death. However, like many other crimes of MEK leaders, all members remained silent for fear of death.
She was 35 when she was murdered in 1993. Her children had been separated from her and sent to Europe shortly after she had entered the cult., Masoumeh Gheibi was killed in the MEK while still hoping to see her children again after her defection.

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