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MKO Spies on Iranian Immigrants

Ten days after MKO agents’ bludgeoning in Paris, NCRI’s Commission of Political Studies eventually released its report on the seminar of "Association for the Protection of Iranian Immigrants in France"!

The report*, modeled after Sherlock Holmes stories, stresses that "the invitation for the seminar said that it was free for all Iranians, the address was also mentioned…so it could be understood from such new propagandistic move that Iranian Intelligence Ministry has put new purposes in its agenda against Iranian immigrants and opponents abroad."

The purpose of this seminar was mentioned in MKO’s so-called revealing statement as follows:

"Recruiting spies and trapping asylum seekers and Iranian immigrants in France"

Elsewhere, they quoted an unknown "French Committee for a Democratic Iran" claiming that "the said association was established in order to penetrate among opponents of the Iranian regime."

The report details the full biography of all participants in Seminar, which can be fulfilled only by months of intelligence operations; for instance, they mention when and where Mr. Firoozmand was employed by Construction Company of Mr. Shadanloo and From this viewpoint, one should congratulate French security services for having an active intelligence network under their nose (which monitors the activities of Iranian immigrants in that country).

However, even if MKO’s claims were true and the mentioned association was established to recruit Iranians for spying, the sponsors wouldn’t like to disrupt the seminar by scuffling with others!

MKO’s Gestapo should be asked why they helped the sponsors achieve their goals to "trap immigrants" by deploying their supporters and members to the seminar.

NCRI’s report says that MKO members were deployed to the place to disrupt the session and that they had purposes, which resulted in clashes. The report says:

"Meanwhile, a number of political immigrants, informed about the seminar by the invitations, went to the place…immigrants exposed mullahs’ agents without surrendering or physical reaction."

The question is that why these immigrants took part in a seminar when the MKO has boycotted all Farsi media (whether supporter or opponent of the Islamic Republic)?

On the other hand, MKO’s history and records in Europe in the past 26 years show that they have always disrupted meetings, beaten speakers, attacked Iranian officials and even Iranian embassies…then one can understand where these players got their orders from.

What remains is the role of so-called NCRI’s Commission of Political Studies in spying on Iranian immigrants in France and other European countries, an example of which has been published as this report.


* This report was published by MKO on June 17

Irandidban, June 27, 2007

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