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MKO crafty offer to parent Iraqi children

Children are the most despised creatures inside MKO as you can find no child living with the group in Camp Ashraf at the present. Human Rights Watch report’s No Exit; Human Rights Abuses inside the MKO Camps released in 2005 explicitly refers to instances of children’s abuses inside MKO:

[Yasser] Ezati moved to Iraq with his family at the age of three and grew up inside the MKO military camps. During the 1991 Gulf war, Ezati and other children inside the camps were separated from their parents and sent outside Iraq. During the next three years, Ezati lived with three different families in Canada. These families were MKO sympathizers. In the summer of 1994, the MKO moved Ezati to Cologne, Germany, where he lived in a group-house for the MKO children. The organization recruited Ezati for military training when he was seventeen years old and sent him to Iraq in June 1997.

Besides being mistreated and abused for military purposes, children were exploited as fundraising tools in Western countries. That is the way the Mojahedin cult looks upon children. Now, at the time when the Iraqi government intends to expel MKO, its leader is playing another trick to hide the group’s terrorist intentions behind a humanitarian mask. Maryam Rajavi in her speech made on 30 June in a Paris rally surprised many people who are familiar with the group’s cult-like and counter-children moves and practices when she announced her group’s readiness to look after 1000 Iraqi children:

We announce our readiness to the United Nations to use every means at our disposal to look after a number of Iraqi orphans. Specifically, I announce that the Iranian Resistance is prepared to take care of 1,000 Iraqi orphans and pay for all their expenses in Ashraf City under the supervision of UNICEF and in accordance with its guidelines. This offer is made purely on humanitarian grounds and is devoid of any political or public relations considerations. We will inform the Iraqi embassy in Paris and expect that the current Iraqi government would agree to such a humanitarian initiative.

Iraqi children have no need of terrorists to take care of them. If MKO really intends to show respect for humanitarian moves devoid of any political considerations as it claims, it can show its good-will by letting humanitarian organizations visit and watch over the condition of the Group’s own insiders forcefully held within Camp Ashraf.

Mojahedin.ws – July 5, 2007

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