Operation Morvarid, an Evidence of MKO’s Role in Iraq’s Internal Suppressions (6)

The presence of MKO in Iraq for the accomplishment of joint strategic objectives in line with local and regional transitions expanded MKO-Saddam coalition far beyond a simple collaboration that ended in an ideological unity. The extent of their cooperation covers a broad range of issues, but here the focus is on the role of Mojahedin in the bloody suppression of Iraqi Kurds in a conducted operation called Morvarid (pearl) that again turned into a cause for the separation of many insiders.

Explicitly referring to the role of MKO in this crackdown, the recently published State Department’s report quotes Maryam Rajavi encouraging MKO combatants to "take the Kurds under your tanks". Also, there is a TV documentary picturing Kurds mainly based on evidences presented by the eye-witnesses, victims, and even the former MKO members who took part in the operation. Despite all such authentic documents, Mojahedin claim they have not been responsible for Kurds repression and put the blame on the Iranian government as well as the former MKO members. However, Bijan Niyabati’s A Different Look at Mojahedin’s Internal Revolution refers to the key role played by Mojahedin in Kurds repression in Iraq. He points to the fact tat Mojahedin took part in this operation as a token of their gratitude to the regime of Saddam Hussein and also in order to win his absolute trust. According to Bijan Niabati:

The Operation Morvarid may be considered as a remarkable military and political victory for Mojahedin as well. Morvarid stabilizes MKO’s stance in Iraqi soil. Both Iraqi regime, somehow owing its survival to the presence and resistance of Mojahedin, and Mojahedin, for the first time associating with a regional and strategic ally tolerating one of the rare revolutionary and radical organizations that is a remnant of the cold war era and bears to pay the regional as well as international costs of such an alliance, see in each other the features of a strategic ally. Mojahedin proved to be not only a trustful ally but also can be accounted as a parameter of power in regional fluctuations. 108

An analysis of these statements may reveal the motives behind and the dimension of MKO-Saddam joint collaboration in suppression of Iraqi Kurds:

1. The Operation Morvarid stabilizes MKO’s presence in Iraqi soil.

2. Iraqi regime owes its survival in Iraq to the presence and resistance of MKO.

3. It is for the first time that Mojahedin have found a regional and strategic ally.

4. Each sees in the other the features of a strategic ally.

5. Mojahedin proved to be not only a trustful ally but also accounted as a parameter of power in regional fluctuations.

The above factors summarize different dimensions of the alliance from both a political and strategic viewpoint far from any attempt to confirm or deny the role of Mojahedin in repression of the Kurds.

Quoting Rajavi, To be Judged by the History openly refers to other ideological and political factors that tie the two sides; it is a tie of brotherhood and destinies, and the assertion of cult-like features shared by MKO and Iraqi Ba’th party. The Operation Pearl totally represents the orientation of MKO toward Saddam’s regime and its opponents during and after Saddam’s downfall. Furthermore, the case Anfal, dealing with Saddam regime’s suppression of Kurds, is open before the court and it is much likely that the role of Mojahedin in this case be investigated. In this regard, a great number of former MKO members have made requests for giving testimony in the court. Also, the U.S. State Department report confirms MKO’s participation in the crackdown. Finally, it has to be noted that the book written by Niyabati elaborates on the relationship between MKO and Iraqi regime from different angles which will be discussed later

Bahar Irani – Mojahedin.ws – July 5, 2007

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