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In the MEK’s propaganda, you are cherished after your death

Nourmorad Kalejouyi

As marriage and having children is forbidden in the MEK, the rate of death is increasing in the group while no birth takes place there. On January 22nd, the websites of the Mujahedin Khalq organization once more published the news of an elderly member named Nourmorad Kalejouyi Kalejouyi. They even published the news on their English language website paying tribute to him as “a symbol of defiance against two dictatorships in Iran”. Who was Nourmorad Kolajouyi?

Nourmorad was eighty-seven years old when he allegedly died due to heart failure and pulmonary complication. He was from Andimeshk, Khozestan a small town in south-west of Iran. He was a truck driver in the frontline in the early days of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980 when he was taken as a war prisoner by Iraqi forces. After 9 years of enduring Saddam Hussein’s jail, Nourmorad was recruited by the agents of the MEK who used to deceive Iranian POWs to join the Cult of Rajavi.

Nourmorad Kalejouyi

Nourmorad Kalejouyi

Nourmorad was taken to Camp Ashraf while he did not know anything about the MEK, its ideology and regulations. Since then, he was taken as a hostage in the cult-like system of the MEK for 32 years.

Nourmorad Kalejouyi was illiterate so he had his friends write letters to his beloved daughters when he was in Iraqi prison but after he joined the MEK he was not allowed to contact his family anymore. In the MEK, even thinking about his family was forbidden. In 1990, the representatives of the Red Cross took letters from Nourmorad’s family to Camp Ashraf but the group did not allow Nourmorad to show up.

Although, as an elderly, Nourmrad suffered aches in his back and legs, he had to work hard in the MEK camps. He was made do farming and other agricultural jobs. He had to attend self-criticism sessions every night. He was made read his sexual thoughts before his peers and commanders and he was even punished for his thoughts.

In Iran, Nourmorad’s daughters missed him; they were worried about him. They traveled to Iraq to visit their father in the MEK’s jail, several times. They called his name behind the gates of Camp Ashraf but Nourmorad was not allowed to visit them. The commanders told him that his daughters were his enemies, agents of the Iranian Intelligence!

His daughter kept on taking actions to visit their father writing letters to the International human rights bodies and Iraqi authorities. After the group was relocated in Albania, they wrote letters to the Albanian authorities to aid them visit their sick and old father in the group’s camp near Tirana. “As the highest authority of the Albanian government, I ask you to order the issuing of visa for us in order to come to Albania to visit our father,” Shahla Kolajouyi, the daughter of Nourmorad wrote to Edi Rama the Albanian President, in April 2020.

Most former members of the MEK remember Nourmorad Kolajouyi inside the Cult of Rajavi. They witnessed that Nourmorad was under daily mental and physical pressure during the entire years of his membership in the MEK cult, just like any other member of the cult.

Nourmorad is the symbol of an ordinary man who was deprived of an ordinary life by the Cult of Rajavi. He was not a political person; he was just a loving caring father who became the victim of Maryam and Massoud Rajavi. His family was ignored even after his death. In her so-called tribute for the death of Nourmorad, Maryam Rajavi offered condolences to the Mujahedin Khalq and their guru, Massoud, but not to Nourmorad’s family.

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