MEK’s Ugly Role in Iraq

In an exclusive interview with IRNA in Tehran and in response to a question on what prevents the expulsion of MKO despite Iraqi government’s decision to do so, Seyed Abdul Aziz Hakim, the head of Iraqi Unity Coalition, said: "The MKO has acted against the interests of Iraqis and Iraqi constitution doesn’t allow them to act."

The head of Iraqi Unity Coalition said that terrorist MKO cooperated with Saddam and his secret services, adding: "Not only they acted against Iran but also suppressed the uprising of Iraqi people in 1991; they have always been the enemy of Iraqis and now they play an ugly and negative role in Iraq."

"Coalition forces prevent their expulsion with the excuse that they’re refugees. We in the Iraqi government and SCIRI call for the expulsion of this group from Iraq," he said.

IRNA – 2007/07/12

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