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Let me contact my brother after 41 years of slavery in the MEK

Mahnaz Ramazani - Khorram Ramezani sister

Khoram Ramazani was taken as a war prisoner in September 1980, in the early days of the Iran-Iraq war. He was in contact with his family through letters and photos that he used to send via the international office of the Red Cross in Iraq but after he joined the Mujahedin Khalq Organization , he stopped contacting his family.

His family have not seen Khoram for 41 years. They traveled to Iraq when the group was located in Camp Ashraf but the cult of Rajavi commanders did not allow them to visit Khoram. “I was behind the closed gates of Camp Ashraf three times, they did not let us see our children,” Khoram’s deceased mother said in a video message last summer to the Albanian President, a few months before her death. “Instead, they insulted us and threw rocks at us.” Weeping tears, she asked Edi Rama to aid her to visit her son in the Albanian territory.

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Today, Khoram’s sister, Mahnaz Ramazani once more asks the Albanian authorities to pave the way for the release of her brother from the Cult of Rajavi. Showing a photo of the then young brother, she seeks to contact him in any way possible after 40 years.

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