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Sponsors of MKO’s June Extravaganza

It was obvious from the very beginning, even for Mojahedin themselves, that the EU was decisive to keep the group on its terror list. Although there is a unanimous agreement that even if the group were unleashed it could be of no weight, as it is not at the present, the inclusion of its name in terror list is working as a good subterfuge for the group to stage an all-out propaganda blitz.

In an attempt to use a leverage to force Nicolas Sarkozy’s government to halt the process of the June 17th dossier accusing it of terrorist allegations and also to remove its name from the French list of terror and, consequently, to unfreeze its assets in France, MKO staged an extravaganza in Nord Villepinte of Paris on 30 June. The organized rally was not an abrupt decision at all. For the past previous months MKO was planning the rally with the support of its sponsors in the US and some European countries.

also facts about its financial supporters. The details presented by Aawa Association, originally in Persian, are translated by Iran-interlink.

mojahedin.ws – 15/07/2007

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