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MKO Hosted Baath Party Conference

Anyone opposing Iraqi constitution is a terrorist, violating the laws. Since terrorist groups including Al-Qaeda, remnants of Baath party, the Army of Mohammed al-Fateh (headed by infaomous Izzat al-Dowri and Mojahedin-e khalq) have taken Diyala province as a safe haven and use it to plunder people, and despite witnessing daily terrorist operations in this province, Al-Bayyenah al-Jadidah newspaper could enter MKO’s conference in order to inform Iraqis and expose the plots of enemies, targeting Iraqis’ unity.

Location: Camp Ashraf

Less than three months ago, the paper (Al-Bayyenah al-Jadidah) received secret information that a person called "Vahid Asghari", officer of MKO’s intelligence unit, had called Saleh Mutlaq, delivering Maryam Rajavi’s letter to him. He had informed Mutlaq that the MKO is still faithful to its promises with the former regime and the Baath party and that all MKO members mourned the death of Saddam Hussein and would have put his statute in the camp if they hadn’t had fears. Maryam Rajavi had said that several former Baath and Estekhbarat officials, along with al-Qaeda and the Army of Mohammed al-Fatih, would take part in their conference, supposing its chairmanship to Mutlaq. It was also stressed that the conference would provide Mutlaq with a good opportunity to meet Ansar al-Sunnah, Al-Qaeda, Mohammed al-Fateh and Al-Eshrin Revolutionary Brigades.

Asghari had also praised Sunni clerics for their stance on the MKO.

To show up in the conference, Baathists had to come under cover; this was especially true about infamous terrorist Aref Taha Suheil, whose pictures have been spread all over Iraq. He has been in MKO’s camp three times before. He wore Arabic clothes with a long beard, with a lot of changes in his face. This is how MKO’s annual conference turned to a large meeting for former Baath officials.

Saudi Arabia’s interference in Iraq is no longer a secret issue. Iraqi government has evidence indicating that Saudi Arabia, and Amir Bandar in particular, play active role in the unrest in Iraq. Amir Bandar has given 750000 dollars to the MKO in the conference. In return, the MKO should stand against the Iraqi government and the participants should be only from Sunnis unless few Shiites with ties to Baathis.

MKO settled in Iraq more than 25 years ago and since then the MKO leader have succeeded in establishing ties with some tribal leaders, before and after the fall of Saddam. The MKO follows Saddam’s model in dealing with tribes, distributing money and gifts among them to win their support.

Mazen Habib al-Kheizaran, former Estekhbarat officer, was the mediator between his organization and the MKO. He is a radical activist, working against the Iraqi government. He has received 150000 dollars for recruiting some tribal leaders. His activities have led to conflict inside Al-Azzah tribe, because some tribesmen don’t like to act against the government.

In Mazen’s meeting with Al-Dayeni last year in Camp Ashraf, conducted by the assistance MKO officer "Rahmani", they agreed to disrupt the political process of the government and to provide financial support for terrorist operations so as to achieve their goal that is toppling the new government.

Some sources informed Al-Bayyenah that Zarqawi spent a whole day in Mazen’s house and then went to Habhab region. Zarqawi had described Mazen as a hero and Jihadist.

MKO’s conference, held under the protection of US forces, raises the question that why wasn’t it covered by the Iraqi government and media?

Why the violators of law are not prosecuted? Is the government unable to arrest Baathists and terrorists who took part in the conference? Is the government unable to detain the sponsors of the conference, which is in contradiction with Iraqi constitution?

2007/07/19 – www.albayyna-new.com/studies.htm

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