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Letter from the CEO of Nejat Society to Josep Borrell Fontelles,

Josep Borrell

High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union

Mr. Josep Borrell Fontelles
High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union

Greetings and Regards,
I am Ebrahim Khodabandeh the CEO of Nejat Society in Iran. Nejat Society is a non-governmental human rights organization consisting of families whose loved ones are trapped in the isolated and remote camp of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, Rajavi Cult) in Albania. According to the cultic rules and regulations within the MEK, the members are deprived of any communication with their families, and their most basic human rights are violated.

You are aware of the tensions and challenges between the governments of Albania and Iran these days. We try to stay away from political issues and focus on our human rights goals only. But the type of work and our aims require us not to be indifferent to the political changes in Albania, which are very worrying for the families.
Not long ago, a panel discussion was held on the recent tensions on the SYRI TV channel in Albania. Five expert guests with different opinions participated in the round table discussions. The topic of the round table was “Iran’s possible future threats against Albania”. One of the experts clearly stated that Iran is not a threat to the national security of Albania, but the presence and unconventional activities of the MEK in this country is considered a threat to the national security of Albania, because before the terrorist and subversive actions of the Rajavi Cult in Iran which are directed from Albania, there were no such tensions.

On behalf of the expectant families, I wrote a letter to Mr. Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania, which is attached. At the end of this letter, I mentioned three very vital and important demands of the families, which were:
1. Dismantling cultic relations inside the MEK camp in Albania
2. Observance of the most basic human rights regarding the members in this camp
3. Connecting the members of the MEK with the outside world, especially their families
These are the legitimate and rightful demands of all families during these years and they will not fall short of it and will not stop trying.

The MEK has caused a lot of pain and suffering to the families of its members. Most of the expectant families have lost their health completely due to the mental pressure caused by long years of separation, as a result of stress, fear and worry, and some of them died before meeting their loved ones due to these sorrows.
The mothers of members imprisoned in the camp of the Rajavi Cult in Albania are, in fact, forgotten victims who have no voice. They know where their children are, but they have no possibility of communicating with them due to the obstacles of the leaders of the Rajavi Cult supported by the Albanian government.
The greater the tension between the government of Albania and the government of Iran, the more the MEK can exploit its brainwashed members and carry out its threats to the whole of Europe in general and the country of Albania in particular.

The only group that benefits from the tension between Iran and Albania and wants to fuel these tensions is the MEK. The Rajavi Cult is trying to put Iran’s government against the Albanian government, so that in this way USA’s foot will be pulled in the middle, so that it may reach the sovereignty of Iran in the shadow of these contradictions and confrontations.

Massoud Rajavi, the hidden leader of the MEK, in a situation where everyone is trying to reduce tensions, recently in a message dated 13 September 2022 to the MEK rebel centers (terror teams) inside Iran, titled “Be alert and ready for rebel centers and rebel youths all over the country” has asked them to kill and destroy inside Iran with all their might. The MEK can grow like a rootless mushroom only in the cracks of tensions and contradictions.
As the coordinator of foreign and security policy in Europe, it is necessary to remind the authorities of Albania that the Albanian government, which wants to enter the European Union, as well as the Iranian government, do not benefit from the current situation, and the MEK is the only party that benefits from existing tensions.

Copy to:

Ms. Helga Maria Schimid, Secretary General of the European External Action Service EEAS
Mr. Marcus Cornaro, Principal Adviser to the Secretary General of the European External Action Service EEAS
Albanian authorities and the media

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