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The MEK was founded as a democratic Islamic movement in September 1965.
The group settled in Iraq in 1986 and built Camp Ashraf near the Iranian border, after collaborating against their homeland with then-president Saddam Hussein.

Washington designated the group as a terrorist organization since in 1997 they killed 6 Americans in 1970.

In 1986 the movement moved its base of operations to Eastern Iraq, but the situation changed with the American invasion to Iraq. US forces attacked their targets but after a while reached a ceasefire and after disarmament, it was decided that they would be held at Camp Ashraf, a former Iraqi military base.

This resistance group was considered a terrorist organization by the US due to the killing of American personnel in Iran during the 70s. But with the withdrawal of Americans from Ashraf in 2011, the acts of violence between them and the Iraqi soldiers began.




In 2013, the first group of 210 mujahedin took shelter in our country, while today we count over 3000 people who are sheltered in Manez, in Albania.

The decisions of the Berisha and Rama governments at that time regarding the acceptance of the mujahedin have never been made public, therefore the information about that is minimal and the conditions of their acceptance are not known.

In June 2015, some Iraqi media reported that the MEK was buying or had bought property in Albania to set up a camp like the one they once had in Iraq. According to them, such a camp can be transformed into a base for the training of various terrorist organizations.

But nowadays, from many accounts I have heard from former members of the Mujahideen, I have understood and heard the miserable conditions they live in this camp of Manze in Albania.

Apart from this, the most important thing is that this group believes that it is a democratic organization while falls into a paradoxical contradiction in the conditions that many fundamental rights are not implemented in this camp.

One of the main democratic principles is the right to speech, opinion and dignity. This has not been implemented in the group.

For the mujahedin organization, freedom of speech means that you write down all your opinions on a piece of paper and then all of them are examined by Massoud Rajavi, and a few of them are replies if any. Where is the freedom here?

We call ourselves free and with democratic principles if we could be able to state whatever we think and want.
Is it freedom that they have to get a visa to leave the manza camp to a few meters or kilometers outside the camp?

Is this called freedom?

But the thing that surprised me the most in the conferences and confessions of these former members of this organization, is that the right to have a family is not allowed!

A former member told me that he has his brother very close, only 35 km away, and he hasn’t met, talked or communicated with him in 7 years.

The most absurd find!

The most absurd thing I have heard is the statement that Massoud Rajavi and his wife say that the family is your enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can a parent be an enemy when he mourns for 30 years for his child whom this organization has declared dead for some mothers, while they have seen them in this organization’s own cinema performing live.

That mother mourns and seeks her child, this organization forces its member to call his or her parent an enemy.

That mother does not ask for anything more than a phone call!

By Aldo Sulollari Journalist – Crystal Media 224 – translated by Nejat Society

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