Saudi-Israel-US Triangle Supports MKO terrorists

Some European sources in Brussels reported of US-Israeli efforts to provide Iranian oppositions with ground-to-air missiles.

“The EU has received reports on Pezhak (Iranian branch of PKK) and the MKO receiving trucks containing these missiles,” the sources said.

In an interview with Nahrain Net, the sources added: “These groups have certainly received the missiles but it’s not clear whether CIA has been directly involved or its Israeli mercenaries in Mossad have helped the rebels.”

“Israel has around 400 ground-to-air Singer missiles and it might have provided Pezhak and other Iranian opposition groups- acting against the Iranian army and IRGC- with these weapons.”

The sources said that the Iranian opposition is now supported by Iran enemies, led by Saudi Arabia. Alongside the US and Israel, Saudis finance these groups to buy weapons. On the other hand, running satellite channels requires large amount of money, which is also provided by these enemies. Some of these channels broadcast the scenes of military parades by these rebel groups.

Although Kurdish officials deny the presence of Mossad elements in the region, reports show their activities in Iraq’s Kurdistan; moreover, Yediot Aharanot and other Israeli newspapers reported last year that Mossad commders have mentioned the activities of their forces in northern Iraq, particularly in Kurdistan. The mission of some elements has changed so that a number of them have returned to Tel Aviv and experienced ones have been deployed.

Guardian and New York Times have also pointed to the activities of Mossad in Kurdistan. Seymour Hersh, journalist who exposed the scandal of Abu Ghuraib, said on Mossad’s espionage teams in Iraqi Kurdistan: “Israel decided last summer to increase its activities in Kurdistan. After the failure of Americans in Iraq, Israelis believed that their activities would block Iran’s efforts.

It should be noted that Israel has a particular interest in cooperating with Iranian opposition groups, including Pezhak and the MKO. The latter group has a military base in Baqubah, called Camp Ashraf, holding the militants of the group. Elements from this group organized a meeting between some Iraqi MPs- including Khalaf el-Elyan, Zaafer El-Aani and al-Dulaimi- with Mossad agents in Brussels.


Nahrain Net – 2007/09/12


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