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Families of Terror Victims Denounce Italy MPs for Hosting MEK Terrorists

Italian Parliament

In response to the action of a number of members of the Italian parliament in hosting the ringleader of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MeK) terrorist group, The Families of Iranian Victims of Terrorism issued a statement expressing their protest against this inhuman act.

The statement reads as follows:
It was heart-wrenching for us as the Families of Iranian Victims of Terrorism to hear that the ringleader a terrorist group, which is responsible for the assassination and murder of thousands of Iranian citizens including our relatives, was hosted by a number of members of the Italian parliament. This group, whose ringleader was hosted by some Italian parliament members, has a long history in promoting hatred and violence as well as doing criminal and terrorist acts such as suicide terrorism according to numerous international documents.

As mentioned in recent international reports on the MEK, this group has been actively involved in lobbying political figures in different countries to gain their support by offering exorbitant sums of money. The group’s horrible historical background in murdering thousands of Iranian and hundreds of Iraqi citizens are self-evident truths which must forbid anyone to support this notorious group. One can say, therefore, that those who back this hated terrorist group are either unaware of its history or they have received hefty sums.

The statements of Mr. Antonio Tajani, the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in reaction to the invitation of the MEK’ ringleader, where he said, “We are in a democracy and everyone does what they thing is right.”, is an irrational justification! How is it possible that a terrorist group and its leader are invited to a country and senior official of that country call this act democratic! If a terrorist group committed these crimes against one of the EU countries, would this so-called Italian democracy still allow MPs to invite the group’s leader to their country and also authorize Mr. Tajani to make such irrational statements?

We expect the Italian parliament members to hear the voice of Iranian terror victims and prepare the ground for the realization of their rights and prosecuting the murderers of their beloved ones, instead of supporting the terrorists in promotion of hatred and violence. Also, the Italian government should address its security responsibilities regarding terrorist groups and regard the risks and consequences of supporting terrorism.

At the end, we express our gratitude to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for fulfilling its commitment toward the Families of Terror Victims and summoning of the Italian ambassador in Tehran over the hosting of terrorists. We, also, ask the Iranian diplomatic and judicial bodies to strengthen their efforts in extraditing elements of terrorist groups and make the Western governments accountable for supporting these groups.

Habilian Association (The Families of Iranian Victims of Terrorism)

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