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Nejat Newsletter No.106

Nejat Newsletter No.105

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_ People inside MEK face HR abuses regularly

Nejat Newsletter No.106

Nejat Newsletter No.106

In an interview, published by VOX News Albania, a former member of the MEK, Mustafa Beheshti, revealed what happened in MKO camp located in Manza, Durrës.

_ Women Council of ASILA traveled to the city of Shkodër

Members of Women Council of the association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania (ASILA) traveled to Shkodër in line with the goals defined for this council.

_ The Voice of Families conference was held in Tirana

The Association for the Support of Iranians living in Albania called the purpose of holding this public conference “to bring the voice of the waiting families of members of the Cult of Rajavi.”

_ Rama warns to expel MKO if it uses Albania for war against Iran

Albania’s Prime Minister Edi Rama says the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) must leave the country if it wants to use Albanian soil to fight against Iran.

_ Iranian protesters urge Albania to close down MKO camp

Azadeh was deceived to join the MEK in Iraq when she was a young newly married girl. Her husband left the group a few years later but Azadeh was coerced to stay.

_ Evidence on MEK’s unpopularity

The Move by the Albanian police came after the French government banned the group’s planned annual gathering in Paris. The MEK could finally run its multi-milliondollar rally based on a French court order, but it could never play the part of a popular opposition group against the government in Tehran.

_ The double face of the MEK

While presenting itself as a moderate opposition in the eyes of West, the MEK continues to perpetrate terrorist actions in Iran for the overthrow of the I. R. I., as evidenced by their own official website, where the attacks are described as heroic acts.

_ MEK does not speak on behalf of the Iranian people

an Iranian opposition figure, Alireza Akhondi, the Swedish politician who had warned the world politicization in particular the ones of Italy to beware that the MEK does not represent the aspirations of the Iranian people.

_ Bijar Rahimi, the most recent defector of the MEK

Bijar Rahimi joined the Association for the (ASILA) after his defection. His brother Sarfaraz Rahimi, also defector of the MEK and his Albanian wife Erisa have been active members of ASILA since its foundation.

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